Tuesday, 30 August 2011

OPI Nail Polish Haul.............

Oh dear, I did it again.....More OPI....

Mermaids Tears and Sparrow Me The Drama

I regretted not getting these when I got the other Pirates Of The Caribbean polishes, Cant wait to use these, think ill wear these tomorrow :))))

Dutch Tulips and Bright Lights Big Colour

A new Dutch Tulips as I spilt the whole bottle painting my toes last week :((
I'm unable to let go of the summer and so I picked up Bright Lights Big Colour, a gorgeous Pearl Coarl :))

Sweetheart and Dulce De Leche

Two pretty Nudes as they are big this coming season. Dulce De Leche is a bit outside my comfort zone so I'm excited to try it out.

What do you think of my little haul??


Sleek Palette Collection................

I don't remember when it was that I first discovered Sleek Makeup, however since watching the beauty Gurus on YouTube and finding the beauty blogging world it is a brand that I have loved more and more.

With each collection and palette that passes they become more and more of a popular brand.
They give quality way above there price bracket and very rearly disappoint.
I decided after my Sleek Blush Collection, that I wanted to do one on my eye palettes.

So here we are...

I have 10 in total, collected over the last 18months or so.
Let me break them down into sections....

First the permanent collection of palettes

Storm and Bad Gal

These Palettes offer a selection of dark shades including Grey, Navy, Purples and Browns, along with a few neutrals.
Great staples for any collection.

The Original and Sunset Palette.

The Original gives a wide range of colours, its almost a variation of the Storm palette with extra pinks and blues. Sunset gives you beautiful warm golden shades, browns and a black. There is also a bright blue for that extra pop of colour. Sunset is one of my faves.

Oh So Special and Au Natural

These are the 2 newest additions to the permanent range. Both offer a range of naturals and neutrals, shimmers and Matt colours. With these palettes you can do pretty much any look that you want, from a natural look to a full on smoked out eye.


Monaco and Curacao

2 of the summer palettes, both a cocktail of colours, perfect for that carnival look or just to give that extra pop of colour to any look.

Jewel and Safari

These are palettes that I missed out on first time around so I got these ones from EBay.
Of all my Sleek palettes I think that these are the prettiest and def 2 of my faves.

Curious and Sparkle

Curious reminds me of a cross between the Acid and Circus palettes. I bought this for a shoot. Its not my usual colours but still has some fab shades. Sparkle is last years Christmas offering, all the shades have glitter running through. I got this Christmas week last year so I haven't used it at all yet. I cant wait for the party season to kick off this year, I'm sure this will quickly become my most used palette.

So there we have my Sleek iDivine shadow Palette collection. I like to think that I wont buy anymore but at £6.49 I know I will, lol.

Anyway, have a sparklicious eve.


Laura Geller, My first Product :))))

As you might remember, in my swap with Dinah, I was lucky enough to get a fab Blush'n'Brighten by Laura Geller. This is a product that I have heard lots about and always wanted to try. I was soooo excited when I saw this in my parcel, Thank you Dinah!!!xxx

Laura Geller, Brush n Brighten in Honey Dipped

I love the colours running through this blush. You have soft golds, warm tans and bronze. It looks sooo pretty in the pan. I'm so pleased that it looks gorgeous on the skin too :))

As you can see it can be built up(on the left) and also blended out(on the right).
It adds a beautiful warmth to the skin and lasts fantastically through the day. It doesn't fade as the day goes on or slide off the skin. I'm really pleased to of been able to try this and hope that I can try more Laura Geller in the future.

Do you have Any Laura Geller recommendations for me??


Monday, 29 August 2011

Mac Blush Collection.......

One of my favourite makeup items and a true weakness is blush. I seem to gravitate towards them all the time. Its like the endless search for the perfect coral/pink/bronze...

Some of my favourite formula blushes are MAC, I really enjoy them, one of my all time favourite colours is a MAC blush, its the shade Margin.
I don't have a stupid amount of Mac blushes, but the ones I do I love.
Here is my collection...

L To R
Warmth of Coral ( LE, Mineralize), Style, Peachykeen
Hipness (LE), Sunbasque, Margin
With Flash

Natural Light

As you would expect all these blushes look far more intense in the swatch than when they are applied to the cheek. As you can see there is a bit of a theme, lol. Corally beigey pinks.

Margin remains my go to blush on those days I cant decide. I do have one other blush by MAC its called Foolish Me and is a bright orange, its a sheertone tho so looks absolutely beautiful. Its my fave blush of all time. I haven't shown it tho as I literally have a tiny amount around the pan edges left as it was a Limited Edition. I have search everywhere for it with no luck :(((

What are your favourite blushes??


Famous part 2.................

So after my post yesterday, here is part 2 of my Famous Haul :))
Today I'm talking about the baked bronzers.
They look more than a little similar to the MAC MSF's with there marbled finish.
I have 3 in total....

L To R
Bali, Tahiti and Hawaii

With Flash

Natural Light

I think these are fantastic bronzers, the Bali is a gorgeous shade and also works fab as a blush :))
I love the shimmer on these baked bronzers, they have just the right amount. Tahiti looks a little like NARS Laguna in colour to me, I must check and do a swatch...

Hawaii is a little dark for me without a tan but works really well with a light hand as a highlight or over a subtle blush.
I tweeted about my review yesterday and said how worried I was that we were going to be loosing this fab brand, I'm really pleased to report that in the tweet I received back from Famous, I was told that they have not been discontinued and have lots of exciting things coming up very soon!!!

I for one cant wait!!!

Have you tried Famous by Sue Moxley??


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sleek Rose Gold vs NARS Orgasm............

We all love a good dupe don't we?!  One that I have heard about alot in recent times is the comparison between NARS Orgasm and Sleek Rose Gold.

As I have both of the blushes in question, I thought it was time to check it out for myself.

L To R
Sleek Rose Gold and NARS Orgasm

Both come in sleek (excuse the pun) and sexy black packaging.

Upon first glance they look very similar in the pan, Rose Gold does have more of an obvious shimmer to it. I also find that Orgasm is a rather dense powder giving a slightly different appearance.

With Flash

Natural Light

There is no doubt that these two blushes are more than a little similar, I have found that as I mentioned before the largest difference is the extra gold tone shimmer in the Rose Gold, it is a little more obvious on the skin than it is in orgasm.
I would also say that Rose Gold is more pigmented, you do need a light hand with it thats for sure.

I love both these blushes for different reasons, if you are simply going on colour comparrison then the Rose Gold is as near as dam it an excat dupe.
However if your not a massive fan of shimmer, then Orgasm is more the blush for you.

Both fantastic, both gorgeous, both in my all time faves.


Sue Moxley, Famous..........

A few years ago I got some things from the Famous Line by Sue Moxley at Superdrug. Unfortunately my Superdrug stopped selling the line not long after. So when I was on holiday back in June and I was visiting Christchurch I was chuffed when I saw that the branch there still stocked the range.

I picked up 6 items in total, this is my review of 3 of those products.
Here is what I got.

L To R
Merged Eye Shadow in Shade 3 and Shade 4.
Shimmer Brick In Rose Glow

With Flash

Natural Light

As you can see from the swatches, these shadows and shimmer brick are all highly pigmented.
The shadows have a lovely creamy texture and a high shine finish.
The beige gold shade is one of my favourite's, it looks great paired with a lil brown liner and mascara for a super fast natural look.

The shimmer brick is a beautiful blush or highlight. I have used it as both. It is long lasting and again has a lovely shimmer.

I really hope that this range hasn't been discontinued from Superdrug altogether as it was all on sale and is not on there website :(( 
 I really love the range and hope to get some more very soon.

Have you tried Famous by Sue Moxley?? What are your fave products???


A little pot of heaven!!!.........

I make no secret of the fact that I love a bit of glitter and sparkle.
So this is probably what I would call heaven in a jar, lol. Its the Glamour Dust, Glitter Pigment from
Too Faced.

Nude Beam

This swatch is over a nude shadow base.

This Pigment is so stunning, its perfect for a glitzy look on a night out. You do get some fall out with this pigment, but with something so glittery I would say that if you didn't expect that you were overly hope full. It has a gorgeous sheen and this shade leaves you looking wide awake, its a fab colour. I also use this as an inner corner highlight.
 The Glamour Dusts are available in 4 shades. I picked Nude Beam as for me its the most versatile. I'm sure I will pick up at least on of the other shades very soon.

Too Faced is available from larger department stores, also from
ASOS, at the moment ASOS has the Glamour Dust on sale. Normally £14.00 they are now £8.75


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Challenge of the Cream Highlighters........

Something I seem to of acquired a few of recently is cream highlighters. I noticed this as I was tidying my makeup draw a few weeks back. Along with there being a few, most of them seem to be a very similar colour.

I decided that I wanted to compare a few for you all and tell you my thoughts....
The 3 I'm going to compare are...

L To R
Innocence By Elf £1.50
Sin By Urban Decay £18.00
Pearl By MAC £13.50

The above swatches are unblended, below are blended out...

So as you can see from the swatches they are all very similar in colour. Where they all differ is the texture.

ELF- This is the most solid of the highlighters and needs a lil more work to apply. It is a multi stick tho so you can use it on lips, cheeks and eyes also. It smells AMAZING!! I bought this to use on my cupids bow and for that I like it, I wouldn't use it on the rest of my face tho because of the fragrance.

URBAN DECAY- This is in the shade SIN. the texture is super soft and creamy, it blends well and leaves a gorgeous sheen on the skin. Even tho it it the most expensive it is by far my fave cream highlighter, I love everything about this product.

MAC- This is Pearl Creme Colour Base, This was my first colour base from Mac, I had heard so much about it I had to give it a go. I hate to say this but I was left a little disappointed, I have found that on my skin (Norm/Combi) it slips right of my face. I'm also not a fan of the firm texture, I do like the colour and will use this but I don't think its something I personally would repurchase.

What are your favourite cream and liquid highlighters???


New Jewellery Sparkles............

As you know I loveeee all things sparkly, I'm sure that in a past life I was a Magpie!! hehe.
I have what I call proper jewellery (Pandora, links, Tiffany) but as I'm not as rich as my taste thinks I should be I do buy alot of Costume jewellery. I don't have any favourite shops, I like all sorts, Topshop, Accessorize, New Look, Primark, the list goes on. 
If I like some thing, I don't care where I got it from. Anyway enough waffling, I got a few new bits yesterday. I was Super excited that my ring from La belle jewellery arrived in the post!!! As well as this I picked up a couple of bits from Next. 

Enamel ring £5.00 Next

My GORGEOUS super sparkly Crown ring from La Belle.
I absolutely love, love, love this!!! Its really fab quality. It cost £10.00 and is worth every penny. I will definitely keep check on the website for more bits n bobs.

And then I got these pretty hoops from Next, they were also £5.00

What have you got for the new season??


Friday, 26 August 2011

The Sleek Nude Collection........

Well, how excited is everyone about the new Nude Collection by Sleek.
It came out early in my Superdrug, so I couldn't resist, hehe.

I have had the Pout Polish for a couple of weeks now, I've enjoyed wearing it on those 'No' Makeup days.
The Blush in Suede is a warm matte tan colour, i think this is going to look great with a tan.

That just leaves the shadow palette. Like all Sleek Palettes it has 12 shades, in a mixture of matte and pearl shades. I haven't swatched the Palette as I was a bit short of time today and light was bad with the rain, expect a FOTD very soon tho!!!

Are you looking forward to the Nude Collection??


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