Saturday, 27 August 2011

New Jewellery Sparkles............

As you know I loveeee all things sparkly, I'm sure that in a past life I was a Magpie!! hehe.
I have what I call proper jewellery (Pandora, links, Tiffany) but as I'm not as rich as my taste thinks I should be I do buy alot of Costume jewellery. I don't have any favourite shops, I like all sorts, Topshop, Accessorize, New Look, Primark, the list goes on. 
If I like some thing, I don't care where I got it from. Anyway enough waffling, I got a few new bits yesterday. I was Super excited that my ring from La belle jewellery arrived in the post!!! As well as this I picked up a couple of bits from Next. 

Enamel ring £5.00 Next

My GORGEOUS super sparkly Crown ring from La Belle.
I absolutely love, love, love this!!! Its really fab quality. It cost £10.00 and is worth every penny. I will definitely keep check on the website for more bits n bobs.

And then I got these pretty hoops from Next, they were also £5.00

What have you got for the new season??


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