Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Gosh, Darling.......

Gosh Darling Lipstick is a bit of a cult classic. I hear it popping up in Youtube videos, read about it in blogs and see it in magazines.
I have had Gosh Darling before, I popped it in a blog sale, I never got the hype. It was too chalky, too pale, didn't suit me, I needed to just forget about it. And forget about it I did......
Until recently.

I was browsing in my local Superdrug and spotted the infamous Darling. I picked it up, gave it a swatch, and fell in love.

Gone was the chalkiness, concealer look that I was familiar with and there instead was a delicate natural muted pink with beige undertones. 

I don't know if it has changed but the formula seems so much more creamy and less drying than I remember.
I haven't heard that Gosh have reformulated there lipsticks, so maybe when I originally bought mine I just got a old one maybe?? 
What ever it is, I really like the rich creamy texture of this lippy.

On me Darling comes across slightly more pink which I personally like. I have mentioned before that I don't really like a nude lip on myself, this tho with it coming across slightly more pink rather than full on nude, is a colour I have found myself reaching for.

At £6.49 Gosh lipsticks are not what I would call cheap for a drugstore lipstick, there are so many great drugstore lipsticks out there at the moment.
However I do think that as nude lipsticks go this is a great one. Its not chalky and glides beautifully on the lips.

I am pleased that I decided to give Darling another go, it really has impressed me.

What do you think?

Are you a Darling fan???


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Khroma Au Naturel, In The Nude Lip kit.............

Unless you live under a rock, you will be well aware of the Khroma range of cosmetics from the Kardashians.

I must admit I do like the look of the palettes, but the simple truth is that I just don't need any more shadow palettes, If I could swatch them before I bought them then I may be more likely to try one, but from looking at swatches on line, I'm not going to take the plunge.

Something I did like the look of and pick up though is the Kim Ultra Nude lip set.

The set has a double ended lipstick/liner and a matching lip gloss.

The double ended has a light Vanilla scent, very similar to that of a Mac lip stick. The lip liner is soft and yet firm enough that it doesn't turn into mush when you apply it.
The lipstick has a creamy texture and slight sheen, it feels nice on the lips and quite moisturizing.

The Lipgloss in the set is what I assume to be fragrance free, its not terrible, but at the same time isn't pleasant  It reminds me smell wise of a Clinique lip gloss.
It has a light texture and isnt at all sticky. Even with the odd smell, I really like the texture and look of this gloss.

A nude lip is something that I personally struggle with.

I hate the look of full on concealer lips. A nude lip is something that I always think looks beautiful on others, I just dont feel it really suits me.

I really love the look that this lip set gives and I hope that it will help me to embrace all things nude!! lol.

I got my set fromCloud10 beauty a web site I have used several times, they are great!!
Its cost's £14.95.

So are you a lover of a nude lip?

Will you try this?


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes, The other colours.......

So back at the beginning of the month, I shared with you my love of the Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow sticks. You can see the post here.

I have been so impressed with them that I decided to pick up the other two colours in the range when they were on offer in Boots recently. 

Blackmail and Tempting Turquoise

I have been wearing both these colours since I got them an awful lot. The Tempting Turquoise is probably my all time favorite turquoise pencil. I have worn it on most nights out recently, if you follow me i=on instagram you will off seen it a good few times.

As I said before Im so pleased to of found a product I love from Rimmel, I hope its the sign of things to come for me!!!!


Favorite Drugstore eyeshadows............

So a few weeks ago, I was thinking about what are my favorite drug store eye shadows.
I am quite adventurous with eye shadow and like to experiment with different colors, brands and textures.

Brands mentioned...

What drugstore shadows do you love?


Opi Euro Centrale and Oz The Great And Powerful NOTD........

I am so over winter and the terrible weather that we have been having. I want spring, I miss the warm and want spring already.
So although outside its winter, my nails are screaming spring.

I love how bright and cheerful this combo is. 

Suzis Hungary Again is from the OPI Euro Centrale collection. This is two coats and it applied like a dream. Super smooth and no streaking.

The accent nails are from The Great And Powerful Oz collection and is a white square confetti polish with some smaller iridescent squares running through a clear base.
Its super pretty and I love if far more than I thought I would.

So are you missing spring to??

What spring time nails are you looking forward to?


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

St Patricks Day eye tutorial......

I know its a little early but I couldn't resist posting a St Patrick's Day tutorial.
As you would expect, I used the obligatory green, and I have to admit, green is actually one of my favorite colors to wear.

If you would like to see how I did this look, there is tutorial below :)

I hope that you like the look!

Have a fantastic St Patricks!!!


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snow day Drugstore, beauty haul.......

If you follow me on instagram, then over the last couple of weeks you will of seen a few of the bits and pieces that I have picked up lately.

I decided to film a haul for you as yesterday after work, I popped into boots, looking for just ONE item after watching Estee from Essie Button and her mammoth Boots haul on Sunday.

It didn't go well is all I will say.......

I got a bit carried away, I admit. 

Hope you enjoy my moments of naughtiness lol.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Whats in my handbag/Purse......

I had been saying for days that I needed to clean out my handbag and what better opportunity to make a whats in my bag video???

Doing this I realized that I have serious issues with Superdrug, lol.


Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliners...........

A product that I have been loving for the last couple of months now are the Waterproof Contour Clubbing Eyeliners from Bourjois.

These super soft creamy liners are crease resistant and super pigmented. They last all day in the waterline and on the lash line.

Black Party and Bleu Neon

I started off with the shade Bleu Neon, which is a beautiful green with a lovely shimmer that really makes the eyes look bright. After being super impresses with it, I decided to take the plunge and pick up the black.

I wasn't disappointed.

These are without a doubt my favorite drugstore eye liners. Unlike other so called waterproof liners I have tried in the past they really are waterproof, smudge proof and budge proof.
If you are on the look out for a good value, quality liner this may be one for you.

They are £4.99 and available from Boots and Superdrug. 


Sunday, 10 March 2013

February Empties 2013..........

So as well as my regular monthly beauty favorites, I like to share with you my empties and used up products. I was impressed with what I managed to use up this month.

What have you finished up this month?


Fiji confetti NOTD............

So I finally caved and picked up the L'Oreal Confetti top coat. At first I really wasn't sure this was a polish for me, that's why I have held off so long.

If you follow me on Instagram then you will of seen my NOTD featuring Essie Fiji as a base with a glitter accent nail in Barry Ms Pink Glitter all topped off with the L'Oreal confetti.

And I have to admit, I love it.

Is the confetti rage something that you have been enjoying?


Marks And Spencer Limited Collection Blush in Melba.......

I picked this blush up from the Marks & Spencer Limited Collection range last year, and I'm ashamed to say that it has sat unloved in my blush draw since then as I have been enjoying pinks and tawny shades recently.
That was until this week.

Melba is a beautiful pinky coral with a small amount of shimmer that adds a light glow to the skin without any chunky glitter or obvious shine.
The powder is soft and not at all chalky, finely milled with an almost creamy texture. Its very pigmented and a light hand is needed to give a beautiful soft glow to the skin.

The blush blends beautiful and after wearing it several days this week, I can say that it very long lasting on the skin, it doesn't fade or oxidize as the day goes on.
What else makes this blush great is that it is Paraben free as well as the usual Hypoallergenic.

It is such a pretty shade for spring and just what I am looking for to get me back into my coral swing for the summer.

At just £4 I think this is a fantastic blusher and one that I will be getting a lot of use from.

The Limited Collection can be found in selected branches of Marks&Spencer and on line.

I will be checking out the rest of the range next time I'm in store!!

Will You?


Guest Post by Jazzabelle, Pink lips galore.........

Hi Everyone!! Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!! 

I have a guest post for you today from the lovely Jazmine who writes Jazzabelled a fab lifestyle blog sharing all sorts of great posts from Whats in My Bag posts, Weight loss diary's, health issues and all the way to film and TV recommendations for the summer ( I'm looking forward to Ironman 3 too Jazz!!).

I'm so great full to Jazmine for writing this post for us, I hope you all enjoy, please check out her great blog!!xxxxx

Hi everyone! Maria has been kind enough to let me write a guest post on her blog which I have been following pretty much from day one. Although I write about everyday and life in general I thought seeing as this blog is mainly beauty related I shall keep my post to your interests.

L-R : YSL Rouge Pur Couture (Shade 49), 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick (Pink Power), Rimmel London Apocalips (Apocaliptic), Primark Lip Stain Pen (No Shade)

As an extreme girly girl, pink is without a doubt my favourite colour and 90% of the time this is reflected in the colour I wear on my lips. I have noticed recently that more and more people are wearing pink lips in the blogging world and also on YouTube. I thought as it is becoming an increasingly popular trend, I would share with you my top 4 current pink lips products.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture

I have had this YSL lipstick for a good couple of years now and I always come back to it as I love the colour. It is a pink colour with purple undertones. I love the creamy formula of the lipstick and it applies really well. It also lasts ages and I usually get a good 3 hours from it before it needs a touch up. I bought this from a shop called Charlie's in Lanzarote for 15 Euros but here in the UK they retail for around £23.


17 Lasting Fix Lipstick

17 is a brand I rarely buy from but I have been encouraged to try more things by this lipstick. I own another Lasting Fix Lipstick in Shell and it has been a trusty favourite of mine for a while, usually for nights out. 
I was on a hunt for a bright pink lipstick on a recent shopping trip and came across this one in Boots. I am in love with the colour as it isn't too dark and it has just the right amount of pink. The lipstick stays on very well and lasts a good few hours and a little of the colour remains even after eating. At around £4.99 it is so worth it and like I said it has urged me to try other products in the 17 range.

Rimmel London Apocalips

This has also been a recent purchase and I am sitting on the fence as to whether I am a fan of this or not. There has been loads of hype over these in blogs and on YouTube of late and I am not 100% sold. I love the smell of them first of all they smell almost fruity. 
For a highly pigmented gloss the colour pay off is amazing however I find they are messy. Sometimes the colour can get on my teeth and they never dry being a gloss so I feel I am constantly checking my face for bright pink spots all over my face. They retail at £5.99 and although I am on the fence I would say they are worth a purchase.

Primark Lip Stain Pen

Finally a disappointing packaging design for an all round good product. This Lip Stain Pen I picked up from Primark for an unbelievable £1.50. I thought I would give it a go seeing as I wasn't wasting too much if I didn't like it. So I got home, took the lid off and it exploded EVERYWHERE (You may even be able to see on the picture of it that even when taking the lid off it leaked a bit). 
This wasted a lot of the actual stain so now I probably have two thirds of the actual product left which wasn't a brilliant start. The colour however I do like and although it doesn't have great longevity, for the price you can afford to reapply more than you would a higher end similar product. A good product but one that reminds me of one of those fountain pens you had at school ... forever leaking!

So there we have it, my round up of my current 4 fave lip products!!

What are yours? Let me know in the comments below!!


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

B.Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer........

A range that I still have not heard that much about in the blogging world is B.
When it first launched I picked up a few of the products and was really impressed.

One of the is the B Stunning Eye Shimmer in Moonshine that I have spoken about in a few of my YouTube videos.

B Stunning Eye Shimmer is a cream shadow. This one has very little colour to it but that is why I like it as much as I do, it adds the most beautiful sheen to the eyelid and leaves the prettiest look with just a touch of glitter. 

It really is a gorgeous product. I find that it gives just the right amount of sparkle to shadows, is long lasting and doesn't crease. I really love the way it catches the light.

The Eye shimmers are £6.99, a good price for such a great quality drugstore cream shadow. 
There are several other shades in the range, I have another and the pigment on them is really impressive. I will be sharing copper with you over the next few weeks.

Have you tried any of the products from the B range?

What are your thoughts?


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes...............

As some of you may or may not know I have a love hate relationship with Rimmel products. I so want to love them but so many times I am left cold.

So you can imagine my reaction to finding a product that I really do love from Rimmel.

I picked up the ScandaleEyes cream shadow pencils around the time of the Apocolips launch.

Bulletproof Beige, Bad Bronze and Paranoid Purple.

The cream shadow pencils come in the familiar packaging of the NYX Jumbo pencils. A chunky pencil that can be sharpened with a large pencil sharpener. 
I love the fact that the ends of the pencils are color coordinated to the shade making them easy to pick out if you store them standing up in jars.

Bad Bronze, Paranoid Purple and Bulletproof Beige.

I have found the pencils to be super pigmented and very long lasting. They are nice and soft to apply and don't drag or pull on the delicate skin around the eyes. 

They work excellently both as a shadow base as well as a lower lash line shade. Bulletproof Beige has become my inner eye highlight of choice. They don't run or smudge and really do give a great long lasting finish.
I personally prefer these to the NYX Jumbo pencils as I find you get little of no creasing with these.
The only fault is that at the moment there are just 5 shades, something I'm sure may change in the future.

The pencils cost £5.99, a great price I think for such a versatile and brilliant performing product.

Have you tried Scandale eyes Cream shadow sticks?

What do you think?


Monday, 4 March 2013

February Favorites 2013 and a fail................

How excited am I that Spring is on the way!!!
I really am pleased that its time for February Favorites as it means that Spring is nearly here.

I have had a complete skin care over haul this month, although I was seeing some improvements, it wasn't enough, so I got some advice and have started using Avene.

As well as lots of favorites, I do have one fail this month, maybe its something you can help me with?

What have you been loving this month???


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