Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Khroma Au Naturel, In The Nude Lip kit.............

Unless you live under a rock, you will be well aware of the Khroma range of cosmetics from the Kardashians.

I must admit I do like the look of the palettes, but the simple truth is that I just don't need any more shadow palettes, If I could swatch them before I bought them then I may be more likely to try one, but from looking at swatches on line, I'm not going to take the plunge.

Something I did like the look of and pick up though is the Kim Ultra Nude lip set.

The set has a double ended lipstick/liner and a matching lip gloss.

The double ended has a light Vanilla scent, very similar to that of a Mac lip stick. The lip liner is soft and yet firm enough that it doesn't turn into mush when you apply it.
The lipstick has a creamy texture and slight sheen, it feels nice on the lips and quite moisturizing.

The Lipgloss in the set is what I assume to be fragrance free, its not terrible, but at the same time isn't pleasant  It reminds me smell wise of a Clinique lip gloss.
It has a light texture and isnt at all sticky. Even with the odd smell, I really like the texture and look of this gloss.

A nude lip is something that I personally struggle with.

I hate the look of full on concealer lips. A nude lip is something that I always think looks beautiful on others, I just dont feel it really suits me.

I really love the look that this lip set gives and I hope that it will help me to embrace all things nude!! lol.

I got my set fromCloud10 beauty a web site I have used several times, they are great!!
Its cost's £14.95.

So are you a lover of a nude lip?

Will you try this?



  1. I love the look of this, but nudes just dont work for me, I always look like I have smothered my lips in concealer ;).. Personally I think the nude lip suits you :) xx

  2. I know what you mean about nude lips looking too pale. I most nude i can go is MAC's Modesty, anything paler and i look like x factor's chloe maffia. Not a good look.

    Jules x

  3. This is really nice on you I love a really good nude lip shade, they're few and far between!


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