Sunday, 12 February 2012

Battle of The Pink Polishes.....................

Last week after I posted my Pink Friday NOTD the lovely Cara asked me how similar the colour was to OPI's Mod About You. I said that I would do a couple of swatches so the Cara could see, that got me to thinking of all the pinks I actually have and how similar they may be.

And so we have this post....

As you see I am a bit (Coughs) of a pink fan, its my fail safe go to colour on those days that I cant decide what I want on my nails.

L To R
Honey Pink (Tesco), Pastel Pink (Models Own), Italian Love Affair (OPI), Pink Friday (OPI), Mod About You (OPI), Something Sweet (China Glaze) and Fiji (Essie)

As Above

On first glance they all look very similar, but when swatched its a different story.

Honey Pink This is lovely shade that's opaque in just 2 coats. This is the deepest of the bunch.
Pastel Pink is a cream formula that again is fully opaque in a couple of coats.
Italian Love Affair this is the same shade as Pastel Pink but has a pearl finish, I love this shade, think its beautiful and feminine. It also looks amazing with a tan!!

Italian Love Affair (as above)
Pink Friday this shade to me is the ultimate bubblegum barbie pink. Its a lovely formula that dries to a high shine. Again its a cream finish.
Mod About You This is another of my favourite shades. It is more different than I thought it would be compared to Pink Friday, it leans towards a more lilac toned pink. This polish is such a gorgeous colour but can be a complete pain to apply.

Mod About You ( As above)
Something Sweet is very close to Mod About You, its slightly less of a pain to apply but can be difficult to. Of the two shades I prefer the OPI.
Fiji as I have said many a time is my favourite polish shade ever. I don't know why but the soft baby pink just has me every time. Its just beautiful to me. As you can see its the softest and lightest pink of the bunch. Another cream finish that again can be a pain to apply but for me just so so worth it.

What are your favourite pinks??

Would you like more of these posts? What colours would you like to see??



  1. I love pink nail polishes, these all look gorgeous :Dx

  2. I think Models Own just does it for me as the best!

    Jen x

  3. Love all these colours, like you I am a pink fan and have loads in my collection but I thinnk like yours they are all different even if just slightly x Danielle x

    1. Im so pleased im not the only pink girlie :)) Im glad you like my post, thank u for your comment hun xxx

  4. Great post! Thanks for the mention :) I'd love to see this type of post with all your colours teehee xx

  5. Wow what a lovely collection. I really do like Italian Love Affair and Honey Pink and Pastel Pink. Would love to see more of these done with your polish collection =)


  6. Nice article:) I have Poppy Red from tesco, it stains a little but after all, it's nice polish, I will definitely try tesco-pinks as well! Recently I found..Porcelain Pink 145 (Maybelline) in pound-shop and it's amazing!

  7. What is a gel brand/color that is similar to Essie's Fiji ?

  8. Try the Italian Love Affair with Princesses rule on top for an amazing sparkly pink. My fav.

  9. You wouldn't think there could be that much variation among the pinks but THERE IS!! It's all about how opaque or transparent it is, whether it's creme or pearlescent or just barely shimmers, how light or dark (even a shade or 2 lighter or darker makes ALL the difference), and finally how much blue or yellow there is in it. I love cool colors and cool pinks but I find there's something about a SLIGHTLY warm pink that I just LOVE. NICE POST. Bubble Bath is another nice one by OPI..


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