Wednesday, 20 February 2013

NYX Pinched, a NARS Orgasm Dupe......

If you follow my blog, you will of seen a post from me yesterday sharing with you my love of Pinched blush from NYX.

It wasn't until I was looking at the post before publishing it yesterday that I realized that I may have a dupe on my hands.

The soft pinkie coral with gold shimmer looks all to familiar to my much loved Orgasm from NARS.

So I got out both my Super Orgasm and Orgasm and had a lil swatch fest today to see if Pinched really is a dupe.

Super Orgasm and Pinched

Orgasm and Pinched

In the pan Super Orgasm shade wise looks identical, all be it with the edition of the glitter. In all honestly the glitter doesn't bother me, you can see from the pan how much love this blush has had.

In the pan Orgasm looks slightly paler, although again so similar.

Texture wise all three are very different. I find that NYX Pinched feels creamy in texture, Orgasm less creamy and almost firmer in texture. Super Orgasm in comparison feels hardest, down to the glitter I feel and a little more chunky in texture.

Swatch wise, I think you will agree, they all look the same, with the exception of Super Orgasms glitter.

L To R
Orgasm, Pinched and Super Orgasm

In my opinion this is the closest dupe I have seen to Orgasm, a shade that people always seem to want to copy. 

I for one love all three, I will continue to show pinched a lot of love. Orgasm will remain my ultimate bridal blusher, the firmer texture means that I don't need to be cautious when applying and can build the colour up easily without mistakes. As for super Orgasm, I still love this lil glitter bomb for nights out.

So what do you think?



  1. I have been lusting after Orgasm for so long but I just cant justify the price. I am so excited to buy the NYX blush though!!


    1. Awww Im so pleased that I have been able to help and save you :)) You will Love pinched!!!xxx

  2. Hey flower - what a find! It's always good to find dupes isn't it? Plus, with the nice price tag it's even better! I haven't tried a lot of NYX products but I definitely will be now, I've heard so many good things about the brand! I don't think they'll beat my love for NARS though, ha ha!

    Thank you for sharing doll, loving your blog.
    Lots of love xxxxxxxx


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