Sunday, 29 January 2012

China Glaze Spring Release, Prismatic, my new additions.................

As a lover of all things sparkly and glittery, the new Spring 2012 release from China Glaze, is right up my street.

Let me introduce you to China Glaze, Prismatic Chroma Glitters....

Beautiful image don't you think? I fell in love with these polishes at first sight. 
There are 6 polishes in the launch.
Polorized (silver base)
Liquid Crystal (blue base)
Prism (lilac base)
Full Spectrum (pink base)
Optical Illusion (green base)
Ray-Diant (gold base)

I think you will agree there really is something for everyone.

I was so excited when Radiant babe beauty emailed me with the news that the polishes were in stock....
I chose 3 from the collection, here is what I got...

Ray-Diant, Full Spectrum and Polorized

Soooo pretty, the bad light today doesn't show these gorgeous shades to there best and yet I still think that they look lovely :)

As you can see these are glitter packed polishes, I think that you will need 3 coats for a full opaque finish.
With the swatches I found that the polish dried quickly. I also think that one layer of top coat is all that will be needed to give the nails a nice smooth finish. The polish doesn't feel to gritty at all.

I cant wait to share some NOTD (Post here) posts with you to show these polishes off!!

Hope you all enjoying your weekend!!



  1. Replies
    1. Hi ya :)) They do have a halo to to in the glitter and in the bottles, im not sure just how much of ahalo you will get on the nails tho :)) Ill do a NOTD and put it up asap so you can see xxx

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  3. omgawd i love these :D arrgghhhh
    how much were they from there? same price?

    1. Hey hun, I think they were £5.49 each..... Radiant babe is a fab site xxx

  4. Hi they seem very similar to OPI's rainbow connection. Could they be dupes?

    1. They have a more solid base and are more opaque really. Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann is more of a Rainbow Connection dupe :))xxx


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