Friday, 30 September 2011

No17 Magnetized Nail Polish, AMAZING........

Something I'm so so pleased that I picked up before my spending ban was these, the NO17 Magnetized Nail Polish.

And having tried them out, I can say with my hand on my heart, I love this new trend. So so so much prettier and nicer than crackle polish, Which I do like but have never really loved. This I LOVE!!!! 

I got 3 of the 4 shades, Blue, Lilac and Green.
In the bottle you can clearly see the gorgeous shimmer and metallic running through the polish.

The key to using this polish is to remember to use the magnet ( In the Lid) when the polish is wet, so paint a nail and then use the magnet before you move on to the next.

This is the result that you get.

What do you think of the Magnetized trend???
I for one am hooked!!!


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Spending ban..........

Hello my lovelies, how are you all on this lovely sunny day??

I am writing this post because I have decided that I am going to put myself on a spending ban!!!
I have seen several other bloggers do this and I have decided that its the way forward, lol.

Image thanks to google

I am setting myself some rules, here they are....

  1. I am allowed to buy 6 cosmetic ( nail polish, makeup based) products between now and Jan 1st, this doesn't include things that I already have on order and have paid for, lol.
  2. I can replace essentials such as shower gel, deodorant, shampoo.
  3. Items from swaps don't count lol.

So there they are, they are few but I'm really going to try. I really need to use some of my massive collection and learn to shop my stash a bit more.

I have quite a few posts already lined up, things i have already purchased ( eg No 17 magnetic polish) so there will still be lots of reviews as well as a fair few new tutorials that I have planned.
I'm also trying to be brave and dip into YouTube, what do you think??

i am also going to share with you my empties, something which I love to happen but rearlly does, lol.

Have a fab day all!!!


Maria xxxxx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The best of Boudior Prive..............

I don't know if you remember my post on Boudior Prive last month, I wasn't totally blown away with the box and decided to end my subscription.

In my box tho I did receive the Jane Iredale Purelash Extender and conditioner and I am totally besotted!!!

This conditioner promises to make lashes healthier and lest brittle, all things that will help to make lashes longer and fuller. I have been using this sample now on and off since I received it back in August and I am so pleased that I have ordered the full size product from it has cost £13.00 and I can not wait as i am really loving this product.

So even after all my moaning about not being happy with Boudior Prive, I would just like to say thank you for introducing me to this fab lash primer!!


My MUA Prize ...........

I'm sure you are all aware of the recent competition that MUA recently hosted on Twitter. I was lucky enough to be the winner!!!
I thought Id share my prize with you.
I will be doing full reviews on all the products over the next week or so.....

Make Up Academy Professional Eye Palette in Pop Tastic
Make Up Academy Prof Extreme Curl Mascara Black/Brown

As you can see, I got some fab items!! I'm a massive fan of the Trio shadows so I can not wait to try out Blue Babe :))
I have already tried the mascara and its fab!!!

What are you loving from MUA????


Holy Grail Eye shadow, Wet'n'Wild......................

A couple of months back you may remember that I did a beauty Swap with Dinah over in the States.
One of the many things that Dinah sent me was a Wet'n'Wild single eyeshadow, I took the label off so I cant remember the name (D'OH!!!!) but what I do know is that it has become my Holy Grail Eye shadow.

Here is the Shadow in question....

As you can see in the pan above and swatch below, its a natural matte shade.

This colour is fantastic as a quick wash of colour, for blending out darker and warm colours and as a brow bone highlight.
I really can not rave enough about this colour, its a colour everyone should get!!! Its soooo versatile and will work on most skin tones and looks very classy. Aside from everything the quality is superb, Wet'n'Wild shadows are drug store and yet offer high end quality.

Thank you Dinah for the best eyeshadow EVER!!!


NOTD We wear Pink On Wednesdays I lily Love you and Sparrow Me The Drama........

Its Wednesday again Ladies ( And Gents?!) So I proudly present my Pink Wednesday NOTD

OPI Nail Envy Base 1 Coat
OPI Sparrow Me The Drama 2 Coats
OPI I Lily Love You 2 Coats

I'm soooo pleased with this mix. I was a little un sure when I picked out the colours and I'm so so so chuffed I tried the mix. Its just sooooo pretty. I am still loving I Lily Love You from the nice stems collection, its a fab top coat!! If you can get hold of this I really recommend you try it out.
Sparrow Me The Drama applies beautifully and dries nice and quickly too.

What are you wearing this Wednesday??
Id love to see, post me your links below so I can check them out.
Also don't forget to check out the Pink Wednesdays link on the left of my page :))


Blog Awards..........

Over the last week I have been lucky enough to receive 2 Blog awards.
I'm soooo thrilled when this happens, it makes me smile and really makes my day.

I am doing separate posts for each award this is the 1st.....

I received the 'Tell Me About Yourself' Award from Cara Please check out her blog, its fab. Cara is a Nail Technician so expect to see lots of fab Nail posts.

Thank you Cara!!!

So to accept this award the rules are:
~ Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
~ Write 7 random things about yourself
~ Spread the love to 20 other bloggers

Let me start with the 7 Random facts about me......

  1. I'm frightened stiff of woodlice and snails too, stupid I know but that's me, lol.
  2. I have a mole in my left eye.
  3. My favourite film, EVER is Dirty Dancing.
  4. My dream job would be to be a professional dancer like on Strictly Come Dancing, I'm just ever so slightly OBSESSED lol.
  5. I met Richard under a table!!!!
  6. I dont know what it is but there is something about Pitbull that makes me what to rip his clothes off!!
  7. My fave song is Love is in the Air by John Paul Young.

So now onto sharing the LOVE.... Here are my 20.

I hope that you love the blogs as much as me!! Thank you again Cara!!!


Monday, 26 September 2011

Ferene Day Look Eye Palette...........

Its that time of year again Peeps, Boots has its famous 3 for 2 Christmas Gifts coming into stores now.
When having a look the other day I picked up this Ferne Cotton Day look eye palette.
The packaging is super cute and seduced me right away. There is also a Evening palette but it was the girlie prettiness of the colours in the day that got me.....

There is a super light high shine Taupe, a beautiful delicate sage green and a deeper taupe.
If you are not a fan of shimmer these palettes are NOT for you. I as you know tho am a massive shimmer fan.
The eye shadows blend well and have good pigment for such delicate colours.
The above photo and below swatches are with flash.....

The two images below are without flash......

This palette was £8.00 and part of the 3 for 2 promotion. The shadows are large and this in my opinion is a fantastic value palette for the quality on offer.

The palette is Available Here from or in selected stores.

Scary but Christmas is coming..........


NOTD Hologram Magic, OPI DS Coronation..........

Today's NOTD is using one of my New OPI polishes.........

OPI Nail Envy Base - 1 Coat
OPI DS Coronation - 3 Coats

I'm gutted that the photos just do not do this polish justice. Also I think I should of done a neutral base colour as I needed to used 3 coats of the coronation, and in all honesty I could of even done 4. This polish is a silver Halo and just sooooooo pretty. Its so much nicer to apply than the GOSH Holographic polish and looks almost the same but without all the streaks I got from the GOSH.

Have you tried the DS collection??

What s your fave shade??


Sunday, 25 September 2011

New Hair....................

So, if you follow me on twitter, you will all know that I had the chop this week.
Its something I have been thinking about for a few weeks now, So I have gone from hair that falls just on my back bra strap to skimming my shoulders.....

What do you think???

Cheesy Smile, lol.....

And with one of my babies, Harry........

My hair naturally has a kink, but if I use a hairdryer will dry straight. I wanted a style that I could wear either straight or curly. I'm thinking of going a little lighter with the blond, if I do it will be in the next couple of weeks.

Just thought id share my hair change with you :))))

Hope you're having a fab weekend!!!


NOTD Happy Birthday Russian Navy...........

This is the Manicure that I have had on all weekend and been loving :))
Let me introduce you to......

L To R
OPI Nail Envy base - 1 Coat
OPI Russian Navy - 2 Coats
Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday - 1 Coat

Finally, I have used mt Happy Birthday Polish :)) And it has gone way past any expectations that I may of had. I love how full the glitter is and how you get a fair amount on the nail with out re dipping the brush and overloading the nail with the clear base.
I put it over one of my favourite dark polishes, Russian Navy by OPI.
I love how rich this colour is. And for me, its the perfect dark as I'm still a bit nervous of a full on black polish.
The finished look with these two polishes, I think is gorgeous, it looks like little fireworks going off on my nails, its just so so pretty :))

Do you like Happy Birthday?? What do you layer it with??


New Fall Nail polish additions........

Here are some of the polishes that I have picked up in preperation of the Autumn and Christmas season.

L To R
Essie Chinchilly
OPI Parlez-Vous
OPI DS Coronation

The OPI Coronation, I saw on Cara's Blog and I fel in love!!! Its a beautiful Holographic polish. The Halo is stunning.

The photo really doesnt do it justice :( Look out for my NOTD featuring it VERY soon!!!

What colours are you going to be wearing this Autumn???


Dior haul Amber Bronze, listick and more.............

When Debenhams recently had there 10% discount on cosmetics, I couldn't help but pick up a few bits and pieces. I have already posted about my Gel Liners I got, those I ordered on line.
Today I am going to share with you the things I picked up from my local Christian Dior counter.

I have wanted Amber Diamonds, like forever and never actually got it so that was the Item I actually went in for, along with that I got a couple of other bits ...

Dior Amber Diamonds
Lipstick in 651
Ready to wear Smokey Eyes palette in 781

First up my Beloved Amber Diamonds

This powder highlight is totally wort all the hype it has. I am totally besotted with it. I am a little bit obsessed with DIOR and its beautiful packaging so to also have such an amazing product is wonderful.
It applies light and gives a gorgeous glow to the skin, giving the skin the look of being illuminated from within.
I really can not rave enough about this product. It is on the pricey side at £32.00 but I genuinely would say that it is well worth the money as a little goes a long long way.

with Flash

Natural Light

This is the lipstick I purchased. Its a beautiful I want to say coral nude. I have had a few Dior Lipsticks in the past and I have always found them to be very hydrating and moisturising. This was a bit of an impulse buy, but with my current obsession with lipstick, I'm very sure this will get lots of use this Autumn.

My last purchase, the smokey eye palette.

I am a total sucker for sexy packaging, and this is noooo different. The packaging is beautiful and seduced me straight away, its a slide opening palette with a large mirror. It houses 3 shadows, one of which is super sparkly and what dragged this magpie towards it.

The three shades offer you all you need for either a natural, day time smokey eye all the way to a much more dramatic evening eye. The powders are super soft and blend beautifully. Although I could quite happily of managed without this palette I am really pleased that I picked it up as it will be fantastic for traveling, from a weekend away to a 2 week break.

With Flash

Natural Light

I hope you like my once in a blue moon Dior haul.
I am really pleased with all my goodies, and although on the more expensive side, I know that they are great quality and will give me alot of use.

Hope your having a fantastic Sunday!!!


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