Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Holy Grail Eye shadow, Wet'n'Wild......................

A couple of months back you may remember that I did a beauty Swap with Dinah over in the States.
One of the many things that Dinah sent me was a Wet'n'Wild single eyeshadow, I took the label off so I cant remember the name (D'OH!!!!) but what I do know is that it has become my Holy Grail Eye shadow.

Here is the Shadow in question....

As you can see in the pan above and swatch below, its a natural matte shade.

This colour is fantastic as a quick wash of colour, for blending out darker and warm colours and as a brow bone highlight.
I really can not rave enough about this colour, its a colour everyone should get!!! Its soooo versatile and will work on most skin tones and looks very classy. Aside from everything the quality is superb, Wet'n'Wild shadows are drug store and yet offer high end quality.

Thank you Dinah for the best eyeshadow EVER!!!



  1. It's actually called Brulee. Nutty is the taupe one with shimmer. This one is Brulee- a creamy matte.


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