Monday, 26 September 2011

NOTD Hologram Magic, OPI DS Coronation..........

Today's NOTD is using one of my New OPI polishes.........

OPI Nail Envy Base - 1 Coat
OPI DS Coronation - 3 Coats

I'm gutted that the photos just do not do this polish justice. Also I think I should of done a neutral base colour as I needed to used 3 coats of the coronation, and in all honesty I could of even done 4. This polish is a silver Halo and just sooooooo pretty. Its so much nicer to apply than the GOSH Holographic polish and looks almost the same but without all the streaks I got from the GOSH.

Have you tried the DS collection??

What s your fave shade??



  1. Beautiful nails as always!!
    That colour is lovely, perfect for the festive season :)

  2. I found it hard to photograph too, but if you try in dim lighting with the flash on you can get the rainbow colours albeit a bit blurry.
    Might be quite nice for winter over a white base? :) xx

  3. Lovely colour
    I havn't tried any OPI polish yet or many other polishes for that matter I always used to bite my nails and I've recently started growing them I might treat myself to some OPI when they get longer so I love to see photos of people wearing it!


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