Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dior haul Amber Bronze, listick and more.............

When Debenhams recently had there 10% discount on cosmetics, I couldn't help but pick up a few bits and pieces. I have already posted about my Gel Liners I got, those I ordered on line.
Today I am going to share with you the things I picked up from my local Christian Dior counter.

I have wanted Amber Diamonds, like forever and never actually got it so that was the Item I actually went in for, along with that I got a couple of other bits ...

Dior Amber Diamonds
Lipstick in 651
Ready to wear Smokey Eyes palette in 781

First up my Beloved Amber Diamonds

This powder highlight is totally wort all the hype it has. I am totally besotted with it. I am a little bit obsessed with DIOR and its beautiful packaging so to also have such an amazing product is wonderful.
It applies light and gives a gorgeous glow to the skin, giving the skin the look of being illuminated from within.
I really can not rave enough about this product. It is on the pricey side at £32.00 but I genuinely would say that it is well worth the money as a little goes a long long way.

with Flash

Natural Light

This is the lipstick I purchased. Its a beautiful I want to say coral nude. I have had a few Dior Lipsticks in the past and I have always found them to be very hydrating and moisturising. This was a bit of an impulse buy, but with my current obsession with lipstick, I'm very sure this will get lots of use this Autumn.

My last purchase, the smokey eye palette.

I am a total sucker for sexy packaging, and this is noooo different. The packaging is beautiful and seduced me straight away, its a slide opening palette with a large mirror. It houses 3 shadows, one of which is super sparkly and what dragged this magpie towards it.

The three shades offer you all you need for either a natural, day time smokey eye all the way to a much more dramatic evening eye. The powders are super soft and blend beautifully. Although I could quite happily of managed without this palette I am really pleased that I picked it up as it will be fantastic for traveling, from a weekend away to a 2 week break.

With Flash

Natural Light

I hope you like my once in a blue moon Dior haul.
I am really pleased with all my goodies, and although on the more expensive side, I know that they are great quality and will give me alot of use.

Hope your having a fantastic Sunday!!!



  1. I really want Amber Diamond! I'm not a big user of highlighter though as my skin can be a little oily, but I know it would be great for nights out. I have set myself a target to use up one whole highlighter I already have, before I can purchase it. Would you mind me asking how much it originally cost though honey? xoxox

  2. Hey Hun :)) It costs £32.00 full price, I paid £28.80 that was with the 10% discount.... I have a oily T zone too but this gives a lovely glow without looking greasy xxxxxxx

  3. Amber Diamonds is one of my favourite highlighters. I really want to try one of those smokey eye palettes, they have them in other colours too don't they?


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