Saturday, 24 September 2011

Gel Liners Galore...............

A couple of weeks I started looking for a new Gel Liner. I have been using the Clinique for a few years now, and although I love it, I just felt like trying something new.

I asked for your opinion on Twitter as to if I should get Bobbi Brown or MAC as these were the ones I had been eyeing up and heard great things about.

The general buzz was to go for MAC but Nic from The Strawberry blonde beauty mentioned to me about the new Double Wear Gel Liners. Well I had to investigate, and when Nic told me Debenhams had a 10% discount offer I knew I had a mission :))

Here is what I bought....

Double Wear Stay in Place Gel Eyeliner in Stay Onyx, MAC Fluid Line in Blacktrack and Glitz'n'Blitz

First Up the Estee Lauder.
This liner is AMAZING!!! It takes rocket fuel to get it off, it really does live up to the Double Wear promise of staying in place for up to 12hrs. It comes in 5 shades, I obviously chose the black.
I'm am so so impressed with this liner. It doesn't smudge, run or move. It also works great in the water line. Its lovely and opaque in one swipe of the brush and will definitely be a fave of mine for a long time to come.

And now the MAC Fluidelines....

I got Blacktrack as I have heard s many fab things about it. Also many of the reviews I have read say that it doesn't seem to dry out as quickly as some of the others on the market. It applies beautifully and again is gorgeously opaque. I love how dark this one is in my waterline. Another fab buy.

My main reason for getting Glitz'n'Blitz was the tiny tiny gold sparkles that delicately run through this gel. They are hardly noticeable but just make the liner a little softer and a great alternative to a hard black. I wouldn't use this in my water line because of the gold sparkles but I have run it along my lower lash line and had no irritation :))

Here are some swatches...

L To R
Estee Lauder Stay Onyx
MAC Blacktrack
MAC Glitz'n'Blitz

You can buy the Estee Lauder Gel Liner from Estee lauder for £15.50
MAC FluidLine costs £13.50 and can be ordered direct from Mac Cosmetics

In all honesty I really didn't need to buy 2 black gel liners, I will use them both and enjoy them both. I have been wearing them now for a couple of weeks and my fave of the two does keep changing, lol. i do think the Double Wear is a bit longer lasting in all tho.

I am so happy with all of these and really pleased with my purchases, and as I got 10% discount, i don't feel to guilty lol.

Whats your favourite Gel Liner???



  1. I've never tried a gel liner but have been after trying one for sometime. If I were to choose, I think I would go with Estee Lauder :)

  2. Aw sweetie sorry I missed this post before - & thanks for the mention. Glad you're enjoying your liners Nic xx


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