Thursday, 29 September 2011

Spending ban..........

Hello my lovelies, how are you all on this lovely sunny day??

I am writing this post because I have decided that I am going to put myself on a spending ban!!!
I have seen several other bloggers do this and I have decided that its the way forward, lol.

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I am setting myself some rules, here they are....

  1. I am allowed to buy 6 cosmetic ( nail polish, makeup based) products between now and Jan 1st, this doesn't include things that I already have on order and have paid for, lol.
  2. I can replace essentials such as shower gel, deodorant, shampoo.
  3. Items from swaps don't count lol.

So there they are, they are few but I'm really going to try. I really need to use some of my massive collection and learn to shop my stash a bit more.

I have quite a few posts already lined up, things i have already purchased ( eg No 17 magnetic polish) so there will still be lots of reviews as well as a fair few new tutorials that I have planned.
I'm also trying to be brave and dip into YouTube, what do you think??

i am also going to share with you my empties, something which I love to happen but rearlly does, lol.

Have a fab day all!!!


Maria xxxxx


  1. I dont think I could do this at all, im not strong enough haha. But I would definitely love to give it a try :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. I think your amazing for doing this! Id love to but id find even a month difficult..or id spend the money on clothes!
    Im just in the process of uploading my first video and im scared!! :/
    do itt!


  3. I can't stick to my spending ban, I've already booked a day off work to go on a shopping spree next week!


  4. :)
    Yes please start recording video's for youtube. I will be following :)


I love to see what you think too, Leave me a comment and be sure to check back, I always reply!!xxx

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