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Guest Post by Jazzabelle, Pink lips galore.........

Hi Everyone!! Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!! 

I have a guest post for you today from the lovely Jazmine who writes Jazzabelled a fab lifestyle blog sharing all sorts of great posts from Whats in My Bag posts, Weight loss diary's, health issues and all the way to film and TV recommendations for the summer ( I'm looking forward to Ironman 3 too Jazz!!).

I'm so great full to Jazmine for writing this post for us, I hope you all enjoy, please check out her great blog!!xxxxx

Hi everyone! Maria has been kind enough to let me write a guest post on her blog which I have been following pretty much from day one. Although I write about everyday and life in general I thought seeing as this blog is mainly beauty related I shall keep my post to your interests.

L-R : YSL Rouge Pur Couture (Shade 49), 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick (Pink Power), Rimmel London Apocalips (Apocaliptic), Primark Lip Stain Pen (No Shade)

As an extreme girly girl, pink is without a doubt my favourite colour and 90% of the time this is reflected in the colour I wear on my lips. I have noticed recently that more and more people are wearing pink lips in the blogging world and also on YouTube. I thought as it is becoming an increasingly popular trend, I would share with you my top 4 current pink lips products.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture

I have had this YSL lipstick for a good couple of years now and I always come back to it as I love the colour. It is a pink colour with purple undertones. I love the creamy formula of the lipstick and it applies really well. It also lasts ages and I usually get a good 3 hours from it before it needs a touch up. I bought this from a shop called Charlie's in Lanzarote for 15 Euros but here in the UK they retail for around £23.


17 Lasting Fix Lipstick

17 is a brand I rarely buy from but I have been encouraged to try more things by this lipstick. I own another Lasting Fix Lipstick in Shell and it has been a trusty favourite of mine for a while, usually for nights out. 
I was on a hunt for a bright pink lipstick on a recent shopping trip and came across this one in Boots. I am in love with the colour as it isn't too dark and it has just the right amount of pink. The lipstick stays on very well and lasts a good few hours and a little of the colour remains even after eating. At around £4.99 it is so worth it and like I said it has urged me to try other products in the 17 range.

Rimmel London Apocalips

This has also been a recent purchase and I am sitting on the fence as to whether I am a fan of this or not. There has been loads of hype over these in blogs and on YouTube of late and I am not 100% sold. I love the smell of them first of all they smell almost fruity. 
For a highly pigmented gloss the colour pay off is amazing however I find they are messy. Sometimes the colour can get on my teeth and they never dry being a gloss so I feel I am constantly checking my face for bright pink spots all over my face. They retail at £5.99 and although I am on the fence I would say they are worth a purchase.

Primark Lip Stain Pen

Finally a disappointing packaging design for an all round good product. This Lip Stain Pen I picked up from Primark for an unbelievable £1.50. I thought I would give it a go seeing as I wasn't wasting too much if I didn't like it. So I got home, took the lid off and it exploded EVERYWHERE (You may even be able to see on the picture of it that even when taking the lid off it leaked a bit). 
This wasted a lot of the actual stain so now I probably have two thirds of the actual product left which wasn't a brilliant start. The colour however I do like and although it doesn't have great longevity, for the price you can afford to reapply more than you would a higher end similar product. A good product but one that reminds me of one of those fountain pens you had at school ... forever leaking!

So there we have it, my round up of my current 4 fave lip products!!

What are yours? Let me know in the comments below!!


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