Saturday, 27 August 2011

Challenge of the Cream Highlighters........

Something I seem to of acquired a few of recently is cream highlighters. I noticed this as I was tidying my makeup draw a few weeks back. Along with there being a few, most of them seem to be a very similar colour.

I decided that I wanted to compare a few for you all and tell you my thoughts....
The 3 I'm going to compare are...

L To R
Innocence By Elf £1.50
Sin By Urban Decay £18.00
Pearl By MAC £13.50

The above swatches are unblended, below are blended out...

So as you can see from the swatches they are all very similar in colour. Where they all differ is the texture.

ELF- This is the most solid of the highlighters and needs a lil more work to apply. It is a multi stick tho so you can use it on lips, cheeks and eyes also. It smells AMAZING!! I bought this to use on my cupids bow and for that I like it, I wouldn't use it on the rest of my face tho because of the fragrance.

URBAN DECAY- This is in the shade SIN. the texture is super soft and creamy, it blends well and leaves a gorgeous sheen on the skin. Even tho it it the most expensive it is by far my fave cream highlighter, I love everything about this product.

MAC- This is Pearl Creme Colour Base, This was my first colour base from Mac, I had heard so much about it I had to give it a go. I hate to say this but I was left a little disappointed, I have found that on my skin (Norm/Combi) it slips right of my face. I'm also not a fan of the firm texture, I do like the colour and will use this but I don't think its something I personally would repurchase.

What are your favourite cream and liquid highlighters???


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  1. I really like the elf colour sticks, they are so great, especially for the price!


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