Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sleek Palette Collection................

I don't remember when it was that I first discovered Sleek Makeup, however since watching the beauty Gurus on YouTube and finding the beauty blogging world it is a brand that I have loved more and more.

With each collection and palette that passes they become more and more of a popular brand.
They give quality way above there price bracket and very rearly disappoint.
I decided after my Sleek Blush Collection, that I wanted to do one on my eye palettes.

So here we are...

I have 10 in total, collected over the last 18months or so.
Let me break them down into sections....

First the permanent collection of palettes

Storm and Bad Gal

These Palettes offer a selection of dark shades including Grey, Navy, Purples and Browns, along with a few neutrals.
Great staples for any collection.

The Original and Sunset Palette.

The Original gives a wide range of colours, its almost a variation of the Storm palette with extra pinks and blues. Sunset gives you beautiful warm golden shades, browns and a black. There is also a bright blue for that extra pop of colour. Sunset is one of my faves.

Oh So Special and Au Natural

These are the 2 newest additions to the permanent range. Both offer a range of naturals and neutrals, shimmers and Matt colours. With these palettes you can do pretty much any look that you want, from a natural look to a full on smoked out eye.


Monaco and Curacao

2 of the summer palettes, both a cocktail of colours, perfect for that carnival look or just to give that extra pop of colour to any look.

Jewel and Safari

These are palettes that I missed out on first time around so I got these ones from EBay.
Of all my Sleek palettes I think that these are the prettiest and def 2 of my faves.

Curious and Sparkle

Curious reminds me of a cross between the Acid and Circus palettes. I bought this for a shoot. Its not my usual colours but still has some fab shades. Sparkle is last years Christmas offering, all the shades have glitter running through. I got this Christmas week last year so I haven't used it at all yet. I cant wait for the party season to kick off this year, I'm sure this will quickly become my most used palette.

So there we have my Sleek iDivine shadow Palette collection. I like to think that I wont buy anymore but at £6.49 I know I will, lol.

Anyway, have a sparklicious eve.



  1. wow that's a lot of palettes! Storm is on my wishlist!

  2. oh..my..god.. speechless* - lol.

  3. That's some collection! I wish I picked up Curious, Jewel and Safari palettes! They look amazing x x

  4. I love your collection, wish we had Sleek here too. I only own two palettes :)

    Love Christine ♥

  5. Fab collection
    I have their Storm palette and hoping to get hold of a few others from there permanent range

  6. Hey all you lovely ladies :)) Hope that you are all having a good week!!
    Thank you for all the fab comments!!!!
    Sleek Palettes really are fab and great value too :))xxxxx


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