Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sleek Rose Gold vs NARS Orgasm............

We all love a good dupe don't we?!  One that I have heard about alot in recent times is the comparison between NARS Orgasm and Sleek Rose Gold.

As I have both of the blushes in question, I thought it was time to check it out for myself.

L To R
Sleek Rose Gold and NARS Orgasm

Both come in sleek (excuse the pun) and sexy black packaging.

Upon first glance they look very similar in the pan, Rose Gold does have more of an obvious shimmer to it. I also find that Orgasm is a rather dense powder giving a slightly different appearance.

With Flash

Natural Light

There is no doubt that these two blushes are more than a little similar, I have found that as I mentioned before the largest difference is the extra gold tone shimmer in the Rose Gold, it is a little more obvious on the skin than it is in orgasm.
I would also say that Rose Gold is more pigmented, you do need a light hand with it thats for sure.

I love both these blushes for different reasons, if you are simply going on colour comparrison then the Rose Gold is as near as dam it an excat dupe.
However if your not a massive fan of shimmer, then Orgasm is more the blush for you.

Both fantastic, both gorgeous, both in my all time faves.



  1. Great find, thanks for sharing! Too bad we don't have Sleek here ):

  2. They both look lovely. Nars Orgasm is on my defo wish list :)

  3. i need to get some nars blushes!


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