Monday, 14 November 2011

NOTD Feat OPI Warm And Fozzie...............

So how is your Monday going so far?? Today I want to share with you one of the polishes from the OPI Muppets Collection, Warm And Fozzie.

I'm very pleasantly surprised with this polish, of the four in the Minis, this was the one I felt the least excited about.
Having applied it I'm starting to love this subtle Duo chrome bronze brown shade with hints of gold and flashes of deep red. This is 3 coats, I found that it applied quite nicely, something I usually don't find with Duo chromes. There is also a slight sparkle to this polish. As I have worn it, it has grown on me more and more.

What do you think???



  1. this is a gorgeous colour, it would match my eyeshadow perfectly.

    great pictures

  2. This colour looks amazing on you Maria, very very pretty, I think it would not show up on my skintone. xx

  3. @Laura Its so cool isnt it, love it. So impresssed, much nicer on than in the bottle xxx

    @Fab Fingertips Hey my lovely :)Aww thanku!! Do you think so?? Its nice and warm and the duo chrome does make it pop xxx

  4. Its a very pretty colour. I really like Duo chrome polishes :)


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