Monday, 17 October 2011

Opi Muppetts....................

Hello, My Name is Maria and I'm addicted to Glitter.

OK, who loves glitter here??? You all know how I am slightly obsessed with all things glittery and sparkly, ( just call me Magpie, hehehe).
Well if this sound like you then the New Muppetts Collection by OPI is one for you.

Richard was super cute and knowing about my love of Glitter and Nail polish, knew he was on to a win win when he bought me these ( bless him hehe)

The Muppettes Mini Nail Polish Collection and Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection is a Multi glitter in both colours and shapes and sizes. This is going to be a fantastic polish for layering.

The Minis have the following colours L to R
Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi, Designer....De Better and Warm and Fozzie.

The most glittery of the four shades is Excuse Moi, a soft pale pink jelly with tiny pink, gold and green sparkles. Really pretty, again this will look fab layered, as well as on its own.

I did some swatches to show you the colours, i cant believe that i actually love them all. Wocka Wocka is a stunning Red.
L To R
Rainbow Connection, Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi, Designer....De Better and Warm and Fozzie.

I really cant wait to try these all out, I feel some NOTD's coming on, hehe.

What colours do you recommend from the Muppetts Collection????

Stay sparkly, hehe.



  1. Oooh gorgeous, I just ordered the mini set, can't wait for it to arrive and I must get Rainbow Connection, it must be mine :-)

  2. rainbow connection looks lush! cant wait to see some NOTD's with this one x

  3. OMG Fozzie is just Deee-vinee! How much is the set? I'm guessing they're not avail separately?

  4. I bet Rainbow Connection would looks stunning over a darker polish!

  5. @Claire You have to get it!!! Lol xxx

    @Amy You know me, I think the glitters are my faves!! lol xxx

    @Cotton2 NOTD coming up this week :))xxx

    @strawberry Blonde Arnt they just fab, I have had a look and the set ranges between £12 and £15. You can get the standard sizes separtley tho :))xxx

    @CherrySue I can not wait to see the others!!!xx

    @GABY U soooo know that Im gonna try that!!! lol xxx


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