Monday, 14 November 2011

Magnetised Polish By FashonistA..........

I am a massive Polish addict, so when I saw the the new Saturdays Magnetised Polish by FashionistA in my local Superdrug, ( and on 3 for 2 may I add!!) I picked up two from the collection, Frankie's Silver and Rochelle's All Fired Up Red.

You have to purchase the special magnet ( £3.00 ) to use with these polishes, I think this is a fab idea, it means that you don't end up with lots of the magnets.

The polish is super easy to apply, this is how you do it according to FashionistA....

1.Shake the bottle to awaken the Magnetism.
2.Apply two coats of Magnetism Nail Lacquer – apply one coat to all nails first and allow to dry, then apply your second coat to each individual nail.
3.Hover magnetised nail magnet over the nail, whilst the second coat is wet. Hold for approximate 8 seconds until you get the desired effect.

That's it, super simple and faster than you would think!! Here is the effect that you can achieve....

I just love this effect!!!!

The polishes are £6.00 each from your local Superdrug or On line

Have you tried the Magnetic craze yet?? What do you think??



  1. You'll have to do one of the all fired up one as I was umming and arghing whether to get it or not!! xxx

  2. you have to buy the magnet!!!! Here's me thinking it came with one already #notimpressed lool

  3. I've got to get my hands on some of this polish! Too cool!

  4. @Amy Ill try and get it up in the next week, Ifyou have a look at my Twitter I think there may be one on

    @EpiphannieA On the plus side tho, you dont end up with lots of them knocking

    @MichNail It really is great, I love them :))xxx

  5. I love these polishes. These are on my payday wish list in December xxx


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