Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mac Hey Sailor and Reel Sexy, what I got....................

Every month when the new MAC collection comes around I tell myself that I just wont look, that I really don't need it this month. And then that dreaded email comes through, and so I do it, I have to, I go on line and check out what's new. 

Addicted, I think so!!!
Any way enough wittering on. This month has seen the release of the Reel Sexy collection, and Hey Sailor.
At first glance, neither scream out spring/summer to me. However, after a closer look, I found a few real gems.

First up, look at the super cute lipstick packaging from the Hey Sailor collection. Its quite simple, but for some reason the packaging of the lippies has stolen my heart. Dramatic I know, but I just love it. 
And in all 100% honesty, I'm not bothered by limited edition packaging as a rule, so for me, this is kinda a big deal. lol.

Soooo Cute!!!!

L To R
Red Racer and Sail La Vie

These are both a satin finish and super pigmented. Although they look ridiculously similar in the bullet, on the lips and in swatches you can see the difference. 
Red Racer is the classic 50's style red, its a real scarlet and totally gorgeous.
Sail La Vie is a true Orange, not as bright as Morange, fantastically pigmented and gorgeous for the summer.

Here are some swatches on my hand, I am going to be doing some lip of the day posts to share with you, these shades will be some of my first, so keep your eyes peeled.

Next up I picked a blush and the Mineralise Skin Finish from the Reel Sexy Collection.

I make no secret of the fact that I am blush obsessed, and when I saw this shade, I couldn't help myself.


This is a matte finish blush and so pigmented it will last me forever, I thought that it would be pretty to give that just out of the sun flush to my cheeks ( if we ever get any sun that is!!!)


Lastly I picked up Lightscapade, a re-promoted skin finish. Mac describe the colour as a soft candle lit beige with multidimensional shimmer. Its very delicate and really pretty, I do love to highlight and I know that this will get plenty of use. Also I think that it Will be fab to layer over Magenta blush for a softer look.

Natural Light
Magenta, Lightscapade, Magenta with MSF over the top.

With Flash
As above.

What do you think of the latest MAC collections? Have you picked anything up?
I do agree with comments that MAC should reduce the quantity of there collections and produce quality collections, perhaps quarterly like the majority of high end brands.

However, This for me is a good'un.



  1. I love the hey sailor collection! still waiting for my order to be delivered :(

  2. You got some great things. Those lipsticks look so perfect for Summer. xx

  3. I haven't seen anything that has really caught my eye from the two collections but I'm still lusting over the MAC Nicki Minaj lipstick so it's being added to my collection at the end of the month.
    You do have some wonderful items and am looking for lips of the days :) xx

  4. im not too fussed about the hello sailor collection, but i soooo want the reel sexy lipsticks =[


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