Thursday, 10 May 2012

Orly Feel The Vibe..............

I have made no secret of the fact that I am a massive fan of Neon's. For me it is the trend of the year that I am enjoying the most.

Like all polish addicts I am always looking for the perfect Neon, and I have to admit, I think Orly has done it with there latest collection, Feel The Vibe.

I picked up the Mini Mani set, there are a total of 6 polishes in the collection, the four neon's above along with a bright white and a black infused with shimmer. They are both very pretty but it was the neon's that grabbed me.

The four shades from left to right are..
Beach Cruiser, Skinny Dip, Melt your Popsicle and Glowstick.

Now these really are not for the faint hearted. They are super bright and perfect for the summer ( if we get one that is!!!)

Now the reason I am loving these polishes as much as I am is that they apply like a dream. The formula is extremely smooth on all of them. Two coats was all I needed for a full opaque finish on all but Glowstick, which I expected as its a yellow. All that said, Glowstick still only needed 3 coats for a great colour and finish. 

I also love that although they do dry to a matte finish as we all expect with neon polish, its not as flat or matte as others that I have used. I do like a nice glossy nail, but even I will wear these in there matte state.

So all in all a fantastic collection from Orly. 

I picked up my Mini Mani set from Effortless nails for the bargain price of £13.95, the kit has £2.00 off at the moment. 

The mini kit is great for anyone who isn't too sure if the neon trend is for them. With four colours to choose from, there is bound to be something for everyone.

What are your favourite brights?? Have you tried these out yet??



  1. The pink and blue are gorgeous, don't think I'm brave enough to wear the others though!

  2. love these ive been wearing neons a lot lately have neon yellow on at min :-D:-D

  3. love these ive been wearing neons a lot lately have neon yellow on at min :-D:-D

  4. wow these are AMAZING!!!!

    i love these colours sooo much, espically beach cruiser :D


    1. I have a beach CRuiser NOTD coming this week!! Its lush xxx

  5. I love this set, what a wonderful group of additions to a nail polish collection :)
    I do love that blue and orange, perfect summer colours. I would have liked it if they had added a neon green as I love greens for the summer :)


    1. I know, its a shame there is no green :(( have you tried China Glazes Neon green?? Its lovely xxx

  6. I'm hoping to get this set at the weekend, I love my neons too :) xx

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