Sunday, 29 April 2012

Battle of the coral lipsticks...................

Last week I posted a little Topshop haul with a couple of lip products. 
One of the Lipsticks I picked up was Ohh La La, a bright coral with a matte finish.
When I wore this lipstick for work over the weekend, I noticed that it similar to a couple of my very favourite MAC lippy's.

The Lipsticks in question are the Limited Edition Ever Hip, a cremesheen finish and Costa Chic a frost.
In the bullet they all look very very similar, if not the same.

When I swatched them all against one another, I was happy to see that although small, they are all actually different.

Ever Hip is a true peach shade, slightly muted. It also has a slight sheen.
Ohh La La is the brightest of the bunch. A orange toned coral, no pink at all in this one. It has a beautiful matte velvet finish.
Costa Chic is the most pinkie of the three. A pink toned coral with a slight shimmer and of course the frost finish. 

I hope that you can all see on your screens the difference that I can see in real life. 
I have no doubt tho that Ohh La La is the truest orange/coral. 

For some I know that having these 3 colours and so similar is excessive, and I must admit, they are right. As a true make up junkie and lover I am pleased that they are in my collection.

What do you think of these three?



  1. I have Costa Chic as well but rarely wear it as I'm not a HUGE fan of the Frost finish. I might have to try the TopShop version instead! xx

  2. hmmm tricky, they seem similar but I like the look of Costa Chic the most x

  3. These are right up my street, I love corals whether it be blush, lippys or nails so I am def going to have a look at getting one of these :-).

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  4. I think costa chic is my fav even, though I have both the Mac ones :-)

  5. i like the lipsticks.


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