Sunday, 1 January 2012

VO5 Miracle Concentrate......................

As you all know I have a running love affair with Moroccan Oil and there is rarely a month where I don't feature it I'm my favourites.

Well, Moroccan Oil my lovely, you have competition for my affection!! When I was browsing around Superdrug about 5/6 weeks ago, I spotted this, The VO5 Miracle Concentrate.


Now I fully admit that I wasn't expecting much from this petite little bottle of golden oil. Especially as it costs just £4.99 compared to Moroccan Oils hefty price tag of £30.45.

However what I got was a fantastic product that leaves my hair soft, silky and manageable. Like Argan oil it speeds up drying time and is both moisturising and full of anti-oxidants ( that's thanks to the Vit E!!) as well as protecting your hair from blow drying.

I have been using this pretty much every time I have washed my hair since I got it and I can honestly say that I love it just as much as Moroccan Oil, and for me to say that it must be good. When my Moroccan Oil runs out, i will really think twice about repurchasing it when I truly do think this is just as good, if not dare I say better.....

What high end products do you love that you have found drug store dupes for?



  1. Next time i'm in the UK i'll try this. Your review has convinced me! I use the Kerastase oil or Frizz Ease - i'm looking forward to trying this:-)

  2. I really want to try this. Great Review! I usually use moroccanoil or macademia oil x

  3. Wow!! What a money saver, I was thinking about buying Morrocan Oil as I have heard great things but the price tag put me off, think I will buy this to try first :)



  4. @Annette If you do get chance to try this I think you will really like it :))xxx

    @Beauty Balm Ive only tried the Macademia Oil mask, must admit I wasnt a fan :((xxx

    @Emma Dont get me wrong Moroccan Oil is fab, but im really converted to this, I think its as good if not better, Love it :)) If you try it let me know what you think xxx


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