Monday, 2 January 2012

NOTD, My one and only Zoya Polish, Charisma..................

So how are you all enjoying 2012 so far?? I thought on this thankfully sunny day (unlike yesterday where is rained ALL day) I would share My one and only Zoya polish with you.

This is Charisma


This is 3 coats over my usual OPI Nail Envy Base. I really do love the colour, I must admit tho that I'm not keen that I can still see my natural nail line. The polish applies nicely and dries quickly. It dries to a matt finish so a good top coat is essential for me.

Are there any Zoya jems that you feel I'm missing out on??
What do you recommend??



  1. I really love the colour but wouldn't like to have to do 3 coats and then a glossy top coat :( I am a Zoya fan though!



  2. I don't own a Zoya! That colour is lush but I don't like the smile line showing either. The bright matte range they brought out in the summer looks lovely though xx

  3. @Emma Whats your favourite Zoya polish hun?xxx

    @Cara Robinson Its so annoying isnt it!!! grrrr lol xxx


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