Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My Babies......................

If you follow me on Twitter  you will know that I recently got a new addition to my family. I am talking about 'My babies' who are my four little dogs.
I asked if any of you were interested in a post about them, and much to my joy a few of you said yes, so here we are.

Meet my Babies....

Let me introduce you to them all.

First up we have Harry, he was our first pup, My Nana bought him for my birthday :)
 We got him at 6 weeks ( the place we got him from was a bit dodgy, I couldn't leave him there, so cute and tiny...) way to young, the lady told us he was 8 weeks, but the dates didn't work out, poor lil love.
Harry is a Bichon Frise cross Yorkshire terrier. He will be 4 on Jan 4th :))
 I am not exaggerating when I say Harry is a mamma's boy. It will sound crazy to any one who doesn't have pets but we really do have a special bond. If he's poorly ( which unfortunately is quite often :((...) its me he comes to. Something happened that day we bought him home that gave us a bond and I'm so happy it did.
AKA Harribo, Chewbacca, H, Hazza

Next we got Charlotte. Charlotte was 8 weeks and had the most loving mum :))
My lil Princess is a long coat Chihuahua and every inch the Princess.
Charlotte is a proper lil girl, she hates the rain and really likes the sound of her own voice lol ( meaning that she is the barker of the bunch).
When you are stroking Charlotte, (which if she gets her way is continuous!!) and stop she will paw you to carry on. Its cute, apart from when its your foot, lol. I know I'm biased, but I do think she is the prettiest Chihuahua EVER hehehe.
Charlotte will be four in April.

AKA Charley Wharley, Princess, Madam, Mamma's Girl.

I would like you to meet Albert next. We got him about 5 weeks after Charlotte.
Albert is a smooth or Short coat Chihuahua. Both Albert and Charlotte were pure white when we got them. Albert was from a litter of 2, his sister was also a cutie.
Albert is the most chilled out pup you will EVER meet. He likes nothing more than cuddles and tummy tickles. He is a bit of a chunk so we have to be careful with his diet. Albert's favourite thing is watching TV, out of all our dogs he is the only one that sees animals on the screen, and when he does he runs up and barks. Its super cute and I love it :)
Albert's going to be 4 in May.

AKA Alby, Alby1, chunky Monkey.
As you can see Alby likes to help me blog!!! lol.

Now, four weeks ago today, we got our newest edition.
This was because Richard said that we were defiantly NOT getting another dog. lol.
Now I can honestly say that having 3 dogs is hard work sometimes. However having 4 is no different at all. If we had bigger dogs, Labs or Alsatians for example then I'm sure the difference would be huge, however my four lil babies are about the equivalent of one medium sized family dog.

So with that let me introduce Maisy....

Maisy is a four and a half year old Bichon Frise. The lady we re homed her from was unable to give Maisy the time she needed for family reasons. So far Maisy has been a total dream, she is loving, well behaved and fits in perfectly. We did take quite a risk getting her simply because our 3 others are such a tight little family, however lucky for us Maisy has slotted in perfectly and completes our little gang. 
Maisy does the cutes wave, its called the Bichon Wave.

To see her in action, there is a video above.

I hope that I haven't bored you too much with this post, I hope that you have enjoyed finding out about 'My Babies'.

Let me know about your pets, Post a comment or link below for me :))

Have a fab day



  1. Ohmygosh they are all adorable!!!! I want them. xxx

  2. Awwwwh so cute :D Maisy is so adorable! We have a shih tzu at home (at my mums) called daisy :D

  3. hi! i just awarded your blog with the liebster blog award! check it out here

  4. Awwww Thank you all so much for your kind comments about my Babies :)))xxxx

    @aly7 awwww thanku babes xxxx


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