Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Red October, VIVO Red, Red................

So today's and my last lipstick for Red October is VIVO's Red, Red.

Now I was lucky enough to receive this as as part of the goodie bag from TOWIB1 event.

It is a soft red shade with slight crimson tones.
The finish is a little more sheer than some of the others and applies beautifully.

This lipstick gives a lovely soft look to the lips. I love how it is a Red but almost looks soft....
Its really moisturising and lasts really well on the lips.

This is the first lipstick I have tried by VIVO and I'm really impressed.
I think for anyone a bit scared of Red this would be a good place to start as I think its really easy to wear as its not a cream finish.

What do you think?? Have you tried the fab VIVO lipsticks yet???



  1. ive3 not tried Vivo yet but hearing more and more good things about it. this colour is lovely, toooo bright for me on a normal day but I sometimes like to glam up 1940s style and this would look great!


  2. This is beautiful - i purchased a couple of Vivo lippys and they are such great quality - this colour is to die for though...


  3. @Becky They are fab arnt they, they almost smell of holidays too :)))xxx

    @Dinah Thanku lovely :)) Its fab isnt it :))xxx

  4. Wow that lipstick looks amazing on you Maria, I love the Vivo eye/cheek palettes, but so difficult to get near me, miffed about that!

  5. @Fab Fingertips Awww thanku Esther :))) I cant get hold of them easily either, VIVO have said they are hoping that TESCO put them on line very soon xxxx


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