Monday, 24 October 2011

NYX Round Lipsticks...........

As you all know, I have been having a love affair recently with Lipstick.
A couple of moths ago I picked up these lovelys, 6 NYX of the round lipsticks. I have previously only had one of these and saw a blog post by The lovely Stacey over at HQ of Beauty with a link to a EBay shop offering 6 lipsticks for about £12.00, Bargain.

These are the colours I picked....

L To R
Thalia, Indian Pink, B52, Strawberry Milk, Margarita and Fig

 I have been wearing these now for a good few weeks and am really enjoying them.
I promise to do some lip swatches for you over the next couple of weeks. What with the winter weather beginning to take hold, its a struggle to get good light.

What do you think of my choices???



  1. I love these lippies from NYX. I own a few of them and I definitely want more :)

  2. These are stunning!!! Im inspired to go search for these now and what a great price!

  3. That blog was me! They're nice aren't they hun, Thalia is a fav of mine, it's a beauty! xx

  4. @Christine Im really impressed with them!!! :))xxx

    @Amy Indian Pink i8s such an easy colour to wear, i really recommend it :))xxx

    @Becky Ive edited the post and put the link to Staceys page with the original post!!!!

    @Stacey Awwww Im soooo pleased you commented and I have been able to put a link to your blog in the post!!! Your swatch of Thalia was what convinced me to get them, thanks hun!!xxxx

  5. Strawberry Milk looks gorgeous but I'm afraid it would wash me out x=

  6. @GABY I thought that so I tend to wear it with my fave lip liner, ELF Natural Blush, gives my lips just the right amount of definition xxx


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