Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The most beautiful Chanel Eyeshadow, EVER........

Back in the days before my spending ban I saw this amazing eye shadow, Michele1218 on YouTube reviewed and used this shadow and that just sold me.
I love Taupe shadows, they are the perfect every day shade for me, I love the way they make my eyes look and how versatile they are.
I haven't bought any Chanel shadows for a good few years so I was also keen to try them out.

So here is the beloved Fauve shadow by Chanel

As you know I'm a real sucker for packaging and this is no different. The sleek black compact with the cute velvet pouch is stunning, even before opening the compact i was hooked, lol.
The shadow itself is a mauve toned taupe. Its silky smooth to touch and glides onto your eyelids beautifully. Its very highly pigmented to and has just the right amount of shimmer.

Natural Light

With Flash

Since I have had this ( I bought it 5 weeks ago but because of a muck up only received it last week!!!) I have worn it nearly every day, its just beautiful and I have to say I think my favourite eyeshadow ever!!! A bold statement I know but none the lest, this beauty has wooed me!! lol

The shadow costs a mighty £21.00 but is worth every penny.
You can get Chanel from your local Chanel counter or online from Boots and other retailers.

Have you tried the Soft Touch shadows by Chanel?? What do you recommend??



  1. Looks really lovely, may give this a try! :)


  2. @ Pretty Visions If you can get this I really do think you will love it!!! Can you tell I like it?? lol xxxx

  3. this is stunning, out of my price range though :(.....a girl can only dream!



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