Monday, 10 October 2011

Guest Blogger..... Grace from Glitter & Carousels

Yayyyy Im back in the land of the internet :)) And to celebrate my first post is going to be part of a new series I am going to be running from time to time.

I am going to be featuring Guest Bloggers and asking them to do a post of their choice to share with you all. Today, and my first post is from the beautiful Grace from Glitter & Carousels.

Thanks so much for being my first Guest Blogger Grace, Its fab!!!!
So without further ado.....its over to Grace...

Hi everyone! Today I'm taking over Maria's blog for a cheeky little guest post! I'm Grace from Glitter and Carousels.
Some of you may know me but some of you might not!

Today I'm going to review a product from one of my most loved brands ever, LUSH. I was having a quick little browse in LUSH on Saturday and wasn't really expecting to buy anything but one of the LUSH staff came over, as they do, and started telling me about a Bath Ballistic called Golden Wonder which is from the Christmas range. Being the child that I am, as soon as I hear Christmas i'm on it like a rash. Before I knew it Golden Wonder was on my way home with me.

As you can see the Bath Ballistic doesn't exactly look like the most amazing thing in the world from these pictures but it's so much prettier in the flesh! A Bath Ballistic is basically just like a bath bomb, it makes your bath a lot more enjoyable, pretty and even more relaxing. I think the 'Ballistic' part is because when the Bomb is dropped into the bath it literally goes mental! Golden Wonder did just that as soon as I dropped it in the bath.

When you pick up Golden Wonder, you can hear something shaking inside. I was most excited to find out what it was and now I know! Inside, you'll find some brightly coloured bath bombs, lots of star sequins and loads and loads of gold shimmer. The gold shimmer stays throughout the whole bath and it's actually mesmerising to look at. I wouldn't say Golden Wonder has an overly powered scent like many of other LUSH products. It's just nice and well, christmassy! At £3.25 this is a little pricey to use for every bath time but I think it's forgiving as a little treat every now and then!

Have you tried it? Will you be trying it?

Thanks again to Maria for letting me take over her blog! I hope you all liked my post and I wasn't too boring! Thanks for reading! :)

Grace x


  1. oooh I love bath ballistics, I usually stay away from the glittery ones but this one looks so pretty!! xxx


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