Monday, 31 October 2011

ELF Smokey Eye Palette, review and swatches.........

So, ages ago in the ELF 50% sale I bought the Smokey Eye Palette.
Its a beautiful palette with colours from soft blue all the way to a gorgeous purple.
You can actually win this palette in my Giveaway HERE 

As you can see this is a little different from your traditional smokey eye palette as it has a soft blue. There is also the gorgeous purple I already mentioned and the black has a lovely soft glitter running through it. Just enough to make your eyes sparkle but not make you look to OTT.

And now the fun part, the swatches.....
Natural light
With Flash

You can see the glitter in both shots and just how subtle it is.
If I'm 100% honest I'm not a massive fan of the white ( top left) as I feel its just a little to chalky for my taste.

I think this is a great start out palette for those a little frightened of colour or smokey eyes as its very build ble and with the blue a bit different.

The Palette costs £3.49 and is available from
in the UK.

Or you can enter my giveaway and be in with a chance to win it, he he.

Have a sparklicious day!!


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  1. Hey Maria, hope you are ok! I saw this palette but couldn't decide to get or not, the colours look very pretty, I have a white in a Bobbi Brown palette that is slightly chalky too, but find it good for mixing with the darker colours. The darker 3 colours are lovely. x


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