Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Birthday VS Rainbow Connection..................

A few days ago I posted a NOTD using the beautiful Rainbow Connection from the OPI Muppet's Collection.

I mentioned that I thought it was a pretty good Dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday.
A few of you said you would like a comparison, so here we are....


You can see that in the bottle, they look very, very similar. I think the main difference is the larger glitter in RC. Also I think that HB may have a little more red in it.

Here are some swatches....

L To R
Happy Birthday 1 Coat,
Happy Birthday 2 Coats,
Rainbow Connection 1 Coat and
Rainbow Connection 2 Coats.

You can see the larger hexagonal glitter in RC, with medium and micro glitter. Where as HB is micro with round medium size glitter.

There is no doubting that they are ridiculously similar, almost so much that had I realised how similar, I wouldn't have got both. No doubting they are both gorgeous and I really feel its personal preference as to which you prefer.

Hope you have enjoyed this post :))



  1. Wow they are so similar, I was going to get Rainbow Connection but I dont think it would be worth in now, I think I will choose another polish from the collection instead, thank you for this post Maria :-)

  2. I'm going to pick up my bottle of Rainbow Connection at the weekend. I have to drive to another city but I think it'll be worth it!
    Great pics

  3. I've never had a glitter like these...thinking about picking one up! Thanks for the post! ♥

  4. @Claire Hey lovely, there are so many pretty sparkles in the collection, Im sure you will get a great one!!!xxx

    @Cara He he he, Its def worth the drive babes!!! You will LOVE IT!!!!!xxxx

    @Brittany Elaine This is great all round glitter if ou have never tried one, either of these is fab xxx


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