Monday, 12 September 2011

MUA £1.00 Pencils..............

As you all know I am a great Fan of all things MUA. The new Professional range is fab but alongside that there is also the 'Original' range which costs just £1.00 per item.

Amongst the range there are nail polish, eye shadows, mascara, lipstick, blush, bronzer and more.
One of the things I haven't had chance to try yet are the gorgeous pencils. They come in a wide range of colours with shimmer, matte and glitter finishes. There are also eyebrow pencils.

I decided these needed to be my next items to try from the impressive range. I picked up 3 pencils....

Top to Bottom
Eyebrow pencil in Brunette
Intense colour Eye Liner in Royal Blue
Intense colour Eye Liner in Turquoise

Now these pencils are an amazing surprise, the eye liners are super soft and not at all scratchy as I was worried they would be as this is something that I often find even with more expensive pencils.
I'm super pleased with them. The brow pencil is also super soft and fantastically pigmented. I always set my brows with a clear gel after the pencil so a soft pencil is fine for me. Its also long lasting.

These pencils are absolutely great and a fab surprise. At £1.00 they are an amazing bargain and a must for all makeup bags.

Have you tried out the MUA pencils??


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  1. I've been loving MUA's eyeliner pencils too. In fact, I bought the same two colour you have plus a glittery green one - "Jade Jewel". Have you tried any of their original line lipsticks? I've been thinking of getting a few. xo


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