Monday, 12 September 2011

Gift time, Thanku Rachel xx...........

A few weeks ago, my friend Rachel ( Check out Rachels Blog here... ) was having a blog sale.
As you know I have a slightly unhealthy obession with Nail polish so when I saw a beautiful bright orange China Glaze polish in Jamaican out, I had to get it :))

When my parcel arrived I couldnt believe that Rachel had sent me a pressie too, 2 pressies in fact.

China Glaze Jamaican out and Constance Carol Copper Tint

You can see the beautiful shine on both these polishes. They both have a lovely shimmer running through them.
I loved my surprise polish :))

Then there was these......

Soooooo pretty and sparkly :)) These are the prettiest earings, I love them so much. Thank you Rachel :))

I olove that I am lucky enough to of made through the beauty blogging world :)))

Dont forget to check out Rachels Blog, there is also a fab giveaway that Rachel is running at the moment, so go have a looksee.


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  1. :D No problem lovely! I also realised that that china glaze nail colour is the exact same colour as the car i am getting. we match! hahah xxxx


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