Monday, 12 September 2011

Loreal Luminzer Eyeliners...............

Have you seen the adverts with the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez advertising the new Luminizer range of mascaras and liquid liners. They are designed to enhance the colour of your eyes, hazel, green and blue.

Loreal have added to the Volume Million Lashes range with three new coloured mascaras and bought out a matching range of Super Liners.

I'm not really a fan of coloured mascara, I'm a hardcore black mascara fan and so it was more the liners in this new launch that interested me.

L To R
Hazel Eyes - Purple Liner
Green Eyes - Green Liner
Blue Eyes - Blue Liner

They all have a metallic finish giving a lovely sheen. They apply smooth and last all day ( I've already used the purple) I found the liner to be fairly easy to apply to, this was a surprise to me as I struggle with liquids usually.

Here are the swatches

Hazel, Green and Blue

I think these are a great way to brighten up your everyday look without being too over the top or outlandish.
I think they will be great for day or night. I got the 3 as I'm a fan of all 3 colours, also in both Superdrug and Boots at the moment they are on 3 for 2. At £6.29 each it was a good saving.

Whats your fave liner colour???



  1. The liners look Gorgeous!

    Will be picking up all 3 when I see 'em.

    Have to say the coloured mascaras do work with eye colours - I've been Loving Essence Deep Purple for a while now (I've green peepers). Only €2.29 if you wanted to try it out before purchasing the L'Oreal x

  2. I really want to try these, they look lovely! The purple and blue are my faves xx

  3. What about Brown eyes!?!?! These colors are really pretty! I may grab one, but hopefully they have some for brown eyes! :) lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my Monday Beauties Blog Hop! Remember this is only my first one, so it should get more and more popular! :)

    Don't forget to stop by next Monday to leave your link again and find even more blogs!

    xoxo, nykki

  4. They look really pretty and nicely pigmented. I'll have a peek when I'm next in Boots or Superdrug

  5. Totally agree with Nykki! What about us brown eyed girlies :( Feeling neglected by Loreal right now. Love the swatches though, gorgeous jewel tones which will be ideal for A/W.

    Steph xx


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