Friday, 9 September 2011

Dolly Wink;)..........

Dolly Wink is a Japanese makeup brand. In all honesty I know very little about them, only what I have heard from the YouTube Beauty Gurus....

Whenever I have seen the products they always look super cute and have fab pretty packaging.

When I was on EBay the other day I stumbled across this....

A bottle of there Nail Polish. This rainbow holographic glitter is shade no 13.
It has a lovely brush and applies fab ( NOTD Coming soon!!!)
It cost me £4.99 which is kind of middle range, but the bottle is just soooo cute, its worth every penny if only so that I can put it om=n my dressing table as decoration, lol.

Have you tried Dolly Wink???



  1. Never tried of it or evern heard of it but it looks so cute!


  2. I've never tried or heard of it but the packaging is SO SWEET! :)


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