Friday, 9 September 2011

St Germaine...........

Like so may people out there I missed out on the Nikki Minaj Girl Friday Limited Edition Lipstick from MAC earlier in the year. Now I'm all for buying things from EBay, however I draw the line at paying £49.99 for a lipstick that cost £13.50. It just seems ridiculous to me.

After a bit of time on Google I found a fair few swatches and right ups comparing Girl Friday to St Germaine.
A blue based Barbie pink that is part of the permanent range at MAC.

I decided that I wanted to give it a try as I'm loving lipstick at the moment.

As you can see it is a pretty pale barbie pink. I do think that you need to applies this lipstick with care tho as with to heavy a hand it can look a little chalky.
I'm really pleased that I got this lipstick, I'm really happy with it and will enjoy wearing it I'm sure.


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