Monday, 1 August 2011

Soap&Glory Hand Food, the best hand cream yet?.......

You all know how much I love nail polish. I try and look after my hands and nails. I like them to look nice and presentable at work.

Isn't the worst thing when you use hand cream and then cant do anything for the next 10 minutes as the cream is just sat on your skin not absorbing properly.

Well that's now a problem of the past for me, thanks to the amazing Soap&Glory Hand Food.

Ive recently been really impressed with some of the Soap & Glory range, specifically Wish Upon A Jar  and Hand Maid among them.

I picked this up after seeing Miss Glamorazzi, Ingrid talk about it on youtube, and like Ingrid, I'm really enjoying this cream. Its nourishing and hydrating, leaving my hands soft and smooth without the slightest hint of greasiness.
The fruity, floral fragrance has strawberries and Mandarin making it sweet yet fresh, with vanilla that I find comforting and soothing.

This is a fantastic hand cream for your handbag, purse, desk in fact anywhere as you can apply and then get straight back to what you were doing.

Soap&Glory is available from Boots and at the moment on 3 for 2.
Hand Food costs £4.85.

What are you loving from Soap&Glory???


Maria xxxxx


  1. I am going to have to grab this sometime! I am always looking for a hand cream that's not greasy.

    <3 xo

  2. It vreally is good Christina, give it a go!! They do it in a mini size to so you can always try it out before buying the full size :))zzz


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