Thursday, 21 July 2011

Wish Upon A Jar........

Wish Upon A Jar I hear you say, she must have got that wrong?!?!?
Luckily for me i haven't!! I'm talking about the amazing moisturiser by Soap&Glory. I discovered this wonder cream by chance, all the way back in March when i was looking for a skin pick me up after the winter and over excess of my birthday.

Now my skin let me tell you, has been a nightmare on and off for as long as I care to remember.
 Lucky for me the usual spottiness of my youth has left me behind, I now just get the odd spots we girls come to expect from time to time. I would describe my skin as normal/combination now.... I have a good bit of shine going on, I however put this down to my half Mediterranean roots.
 Lucky for me I love a glow so a bit of shine has never bothered me. As I'm getting older (boo, hiss) I have noticed that I am prone to some dryness in my cheeks, hence my search for my dream moisturizer....

let me introduce you.....

Now, the technical side of this cream will leave me tripping over my words, so let me show you what Soap&Glory have to say about their fab product....

 21 Day Collagen Overhaul Cream boosts moisture levels, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, brightens tired skin and hides imperfections (with TRIPLE-ACTION YOUTHFAKE™ Diamond spheres specifically designed to disguise dull, exhausted and aging skin). It’s got antioxidants,
Shea butter and quite possibly the most potent mix of clinically proven anti-wrinkle SUPERPEPTIDES™, oxygen boosters, puffiness reducers, pigmentation, large pore and fine-line disguisers ever witnessed… and in 21 days flat can take a tired face and make it look FRESH!

I have always been a sceptic when it comes to the science behind skincare. This however has left me in amazement, and to steal the phrase, it does exactly what it says on the jar!! I can honestly say that this cream after just 2 weeks left my skin brighter, smoother and in better condition than it has been in years. It all came as a bit of a shock to me, I literally realised as i was laying in bed wondering where my dark circles and dry patches had gone.
It was when I went into work the next day and sang its praises to the girls that i realised it was true love.  

Then came the realisation, 21 days, I only had a week left of using my new best friend, what was I going to do after this??

My wonder cream

And so Ive done the following, I don't know if this is the best way to get the best from the cream but it works for me....

When my skin needs a pick me up, or say twice a week, I use it before bed, in the morning I wake up to bright, luminous, smooth skin. The nourishing texture sinks into my skin, leaving no greasy residue, just soft supple skin. My pores are defiantly tighter and the slight pigmentation I had from too much sun in my younger days has also faded. Also a little goes a long way with this, as you can see I still have a fair bit left, although I have hit the bottom of the jar now...

On my recommendation two of the girls i work with have bought Wish Upon A Jar too, and much to my pleasure they both love it as much as I do... when my jar is empty i will without a doubt be buying this again, I Love, love, love it!!! lol.

Soap&Glory is avaliable from BootsASOS

Mwah for now,

Maria xxxxxx

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