Thursday, 21 July 2011

Me Me Me Blush boxes.....

Hey, how are you all today?? Fab i hope. My next review is on the Me Me Me Blush boxes. These are a drugstore version of the now infamous Benefit blush boxes that we all know.
They are however a fraction of the price. The Me Me Me boxes are just £8.50 in comparison to the Benefit boxes that are around £23.50.
Top- Rouge
Bottom, left to right - Pink and Bronze.

Lets start with the Pink.... A lovely girly Pink, may be too frosty for some, i however, with a light touch, and NOT using the little brush that comes with them, totally love this colour, it is one of may favourite blushes, EVER, and that's saying something for me as I'm a bit of a blush addict.


If i had to compare this to one of the Benefit box blushes, i think it would have to be Thrrrob, having only swatched this in store, this is just an estimate and a personal opinion.

Next up is Rouge, a warm colour somewhere in between a darker pink and a coral. I love this colour again, it looks great with a tan!!!


And lastly we have Bronze. Of the 3 i have ( there are four available, coral being the other) this is my least favourite. I find it too pigmented ( as silly as that may sound) and frosted to use as a blush, no matter how tanned i am.
I do however think it is a really pretty highlighter, with a light hand on a fan brush it looks lovely. I have used this on my decollete on a few nights out too, looks great in photos!!! hehe.


Left to Right, Rouge, Pink, and Bronze, No flash in natural light.
As above, indoors with flash.
 As you can see the sheen on the bronze is fab, this is a heavy swatch, but it lets you see the true colour.

My favourite is definatly the pink, this is a colour i will repurchase, and possibly the rouge. The bronze is the one that i wont buy again as i simply have enought highlighters ( another addiction along with blush!! lol).

Over all i am really pleased with theses blushes, the quality is really good, they have a nice texture and wear well on my skin throughtout the day. They are fantastic value at £8.50, a great drug store buy.

The Me Me Me range is avlaible from selected Superdrug stores, it is also online at

 Let me know what you think of theses fab lil boxes!!
Have a sparklicious day!!

Maria xxxxx 

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  1. I may have to try some of them blushers, they look really good.Lovely blog, I'm following.



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