Sunday, 24 July 2011

Soap&Glory Hand Maid............

In recent years we are seeing more and more of hand sanitizing gels on the market. Things like swine flu have made them staples for many people, me included.

I have used them for about 5-6 years now, it all started for me when I had an allergic reaction and got a nasty rash on my face (Thankfully i've never had it again, I looked and felt like elephant mans ugly sister!!!).

I used the gel everytime I had to put my medicated cream on and then afterwards everytime before I cleansed etc...
This is something I still do to this day. Any time im going to touch my face I sanitized my hands. Having worked as a professional makeup artist i've always been aware of the risk of bacteria being transfered.

As you can imagene i've tried several of these now very popular little hand gels, my favourite being Soap&Glorys Hand Maid.

The reason this is my favourite is the fragrance. Gone is the clinical, alchohol smell, in is a fruity floral fragrance thats not to heavy and doesnt linger for too long.

It also doesnt dry my hands out like so many others have done over the years.
I really want to try the Bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizers, the range of fragrances leaves me smiling from ear to ear!!

In the mean time im very happy with my Hand Maid :))
You can get Soap&Glory from Branches of Boots.
Hand Maid is £2.50

Stay sparkly :))))

Maria xxxxxx

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