Tuesday, 2 August 2011

OPI a slight obession........

 I have always been interested in cosmetic and beauty, so because of this I have accumulated quite a large collection.
I recently shared some of my other nail polishes with you, today is the turn of OPI.

OPI are perhaps one of the more famous of "high end" nail varnish manufacturers, they offer a ridiculously wide range of colours and several new collections throughout the year.

I must admit, I am a little embarrassed by the amount of OPI I have, it wasn't until doing this that I realised just how much. Shockingly to some tho, I actually know every polish I have, and 99% have been used, the other 1% are just my newer ones that I haven't had time to use yet.

I'm going to do my OPI collection in 2 parts, today I'm doing, Darks, Reds, Corals and Pinks.


L To R 
Grape...Set...Match, Russian Navy, Lincoln Park At Midnight, My Jet Plane

(I used my Flash for the bottle shots so you can see the reflects in some of the polishes)

Grape...Set...Match is a pretty purple with some sparkle.
Russian Navy is just that, a Navy with a slight pearl
Lincoln Park At Midnight a variation of the original Lincoln Park, a deep burgundy
My Jet Plane, a deep brown with slight sparkle


L To R
A Oui Bit Of Red, Dutch Tulips, Let Me Entertain You

A Oui Bit Of Red is a classic scarlet red, my favourite ever red in fact!! lol
Dutch Tulips, a cream finish no pearl, slightly pinker red
Let Me Entertain You from the Burlesque Collection. A deeper Pink Red with lots of sparkle.


L To R
OPI On Collins Ave, My Chihuahua Bites!, A True Ab-Original, Come To Poppy, Charged Up Cherry

OPI On Collins Ave looks redder in the bottle than on the nail, a bright red/orange coral
My Chihuahua Bites! A true Orange coral, no shimmer, cream finish
A True Ab-Original, a pearl version of My Chihuahua Bites, very very pretty!!!
Come To Poppy from the Nice Stems collection, a pearl pink based coral
Charged Up Cherry, a slightly neon based pink based coral, cream finish.



 L To R
Pompeii Purple, Don't Know...Beets Me, Shorts story, Elephantastic Pink, Italian Love Affair,
Mod About You

Pompeii Purple is a bright blue based pink, lots of pearl and reflects through this one :))
Don't Know...Beets Me a cream finish true bright pink
Shorts Story is a more lilac toned pink, cream finish again.
Elephantastic Pink, a cream finished corally pink, very pretty again
Italian Love Affair, my favourite OPI polish, don't think this gets enough love!!! A creamy pearlised baby pink, BEAUTIFUL!!!
Mod About You is a cream finish that is more towards a lilac, fab colour!!!

So there we have it, my OPI collection Part, this is most of it, I just have some glitters, blues and pales left.

Whats your favourite OPI polish??


Maria xxxxxx


  1. love your OPI collection! soo jealous! I love glitter polish the I lily love you is gorgeous! I also like the texas collection!

  2. Thank u so much, its taken a good few years. Its terrible tho really!! lol xxx


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