Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Colour Club Wicked Sweet.....

I saw these the other day and thought they looked interesting.
These are the Wicked Sweet polishes from Colour Club. 4 bright shades for the summer, promising to be scented when dry. They were really reasonable at £6.00 for the four so I thought I would give them a try.

L To R
Get Your Lem-On, Raspberry Rush, Wicked Sweet and Yum Gun

They have quite a nice finish, you would need a top coat for a high shine tho. The first coat went on a little streaky but I must say the 2nd seemed to cover all the flaws.

When they dry they do indeed have a scent, unfortunately I cant say its a pleasant one, its sweet, sickly and a very chemically mix when added to the fact these are nail polish.

For £6.00 I'm not unhappy with these, I like the neon pink and blue and will use these I'm sure. Ill probably just use them on my toes tho because of the smell.

So to sum up, not the best buy, but at £6.00 not the worst.


Maria xxxx


  1. Brutal about the smell bc those colors look awesome! I love both of the pinks :)

  2. I know Christina :(( I must try them with a top coat like Scheh Vete, it might drown the smell out!!xxx

  3. Where did you get these from? I have been on the look out for color club for a while xxx

  4. Hey Rachel, I got these from the salon services near me. They dont do any other colours just these lil summer packs :((xxx


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