Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bioderma, is it worth all the hype??.......

Ive heard alot about Bioderma on Youtube and I finally bit the bullet and got myself a bottle.
It promises to gently and effectively remove all traces of makeup, including eye makeup.
My eyes have been feeling sensitive of late because of my hay fever and them watering, this sounded like a great solution.

Bioderma is a French Brand readily available in pharmacy's and drugstores in France.
I ordered my bottle online, from a seller on EBay with a shop and 100% feedback.

The bottle arrived this morning wrapped in bubble wrap and a box. The bottle was fully sealed. All in all I'm pleased with the EBay seller.

Right onto the magic water ( that's what it looks like to me!! hehe)

Its a non greasy liquid that you apply on cotton wool.
According to the Bioderma website you wipe over the face until the cotton is clean.
Then pat dry on a clean towel.

I have literally just tried this to share with you, here are the pics...

This is my makeup from today....

I held the pad on my eye as I do with my current eye make up remover for about 10 seconds.

After the 10 seconds most of my shadow was on the pad, i gently swiped it over my eye again and the rest was gone. My mascara came off without any of the rubbing and tugging i usually do ( I'm quite mean to my eyes!!). I then rubbed the pad over my cheek and nose....

I must admit I was really skeptical about this product and I'm really pleased that Ive been proven wrong.
Its like rocket fuel, everything came straight off, for my whole face I used a total of 3 wet cotton pads. I normally use 4 so I'm even more impressed.

So do I think Bioderma is worth all the hype??

Yes is the answer, I sure do!!!!

Have you tried Bioderma yet???


Maria xxxxxx


  1. I'm going to france in a couple of weeks definitely going to pick some up.
    Product looks great, especially for sensitive eyes.

    Naomi xx

  2. wow, never heard of this product before but it looks amazing! could you send me a link to the shop? want to check it out :o) x

  3. I keep meaning to pick this up, but will use all my other make-up removers up first; even if it kills me :o) We're really fortunate to be able to get it relatively cheap here in the UK, plus the bottle is huge! x

  4. Marcelle Cleansing Water is amazing at a fraction of the price!

  5. Wow that's amazing, I just bought the Benefit one and I dont really like it, so I think I need to try this one :-)


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