Wednesday, 10 August 2011

And the winners are........

A massive thank you to all those who entered my follower 50 giveaway :))

I have read all the entries and couldn't decide between my 2 favourites, so I asked my official adjudicator ( Richard my other half, hehe) to pick a or b ( I had called them a and b obviously, lol).

Richard picked A

And the winner is.........

Beauty Becca :)))

Congratulations Becca, can you please DM me your address and details.

In 2nd place we have....

Rachel Hurley :))

Again, can you DM me your address and details Rachel.

Thank you so so much to all those that entered, I loved reading the reasons that made you get into blogging.

I am really proud to have met you all and be part of such a wonderful, friendly community.

I will do another Giveaway in September! Keep your eyes peeled!!

Love you all millions!!!

Maria xxxxx


  1. Thanks soo much :D a great giveaway! Can't wait to receive them :D

  2. Yay, thank you so much!! :) Cant wait for the gift. Thanks again.
    Great blog! Keep it up hunx xx


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