Sunday, 14 August 2011

Beauty Swap with DGSbeauty.........

A few week's back I contacted a fellow blogger too see if she would maybe like to take park in a swap....
Dinah, head over and check her blog out if you don't already!!

I was so excited when I saw the package I couldn't wait to open the box!! Hehe. Inside everything was wrapped in pink tissue, so pretty and had cute lil notes explaining why Sadie had chosen the tings for me. This is the lovely ness I was lucky enough to receive...

There are so many things in here I have wanted to try :))

A Hard Candy Box set with a blush, plumping lipgloss, illuminator and face primer. Beautiful colours!!
A Stila all in one Palette, this is totally gorgeous, I've always wanted to try out some Stila products so its even more exciting!! This is what it looks like inside..

4 Eye shadows, an Highlighter/Blush and a bronzer.

Next up nail polish, L To R
Sephora for OPI, Wet'n'Wild, Kiss and Essence.
Ive already done a NOTD using the Sephora and Wet'n'Wild
click HERE to see.

Laura Geller Blush&Brighten in Honey Dipped (AMAZING!!!!)
Essence Bronzer in Light
Milani Baked Blush ( THE BEST BLUSH IVE EVER USED!!!!)

Wet'N'Wilid lip gloss, EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruits ( Smells, tastes amazing and feels Divine!!)
Maybeline lipstick in 'born with It' the most perfect pink ever!!

Some fab Wet'n'Wild eye shadows, a trio and 2 singles, I've used them all and totally adore them all!!!

And then some lil nail art stencils, a white Sephora shadow ( lovely and sparkly!!) and a eye pencil also from Sephora in green Grey.

I haven't had chance to try everything out but what I have I love. The Milani blush is genuinely the best I've ever used!! I need these in my life, lol. I cant wait to try the Stila Palette too. Ive worn the lip products a couple of times and love them too. Dinah, you got my taste perfect!!!

I hope you like your parcel as much as I love mine!!!

Thank you so much Dinah :)))

Swaps are a great way of trying out products you may not usually choose for yourself or be able to get hold of at home, have you ever done a swap???


Maria xxxx


  1. Great swap! The Laura Geller Blush and Essence Bronzer look gorgeous, anmd I've heard a lot of great things about Milani Baked Blushes, I'm glad you like it x

  2. I want that specific Stila palette so badly - now Stila is back in the UK, I keep debating whether or not to get that palette as I love the look of the blue shadow in particular. I'm sure you will, but can you do some swatches of this palette at some point please hun? x

  3. Lovely swap there :)
    I wouldn't even know where to start :)
    Ive never tried swapping but would like to in the future. Would be a great way to try out products ive never seen/used before :)


  4. YAY!! I'm so glad you liked everything. If we do another swap, I'll make sure to get your more Milani blushes and Stila palettes. Hehe. <333

  5. Essence polishes are fabulous! And yeah I agree, Milani baked blushes are just awesome, and Wet n Wild never fails to disappoint (; Enjoy!

  6. i think this is a really good idea ! :)
    i've always been curious as to what a swap was :)

    great blog and new follower <3


  7. Aww thanku Dinah!! Ive already started collecting!! Hehehe.

    I cant wait to try out my new essence polish Eileen!!

    Yes I think they are a fab idea Marla, its so fun to try new things that someone else has picked of you :)) Thanku for following :))xxxx

  8. Great swap! I'd love to do a beauty swap with you one day(:

    p.s. - new follower. love your blog xoxo


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