Sunday, 14 August 2011

Beauty Uk Baked Blushes.......

When I was in Superdrug the other day I picked up a couple of the BeautyUk Baked Blushes. Ive seen them a few times in various blogs and thought I would give them a try.

I must admit my main reason for trying them was because they look so similar to my Milani Baked blush
from my swap with Dianh Click here to see.

I got two on the left Peaches &Cream and on the right Royal Rose

These are nice but alas nothing like my beloved Milani blush. They are not as pigmented and need building up quite a bit. At £2.99 they are an OK price but I don't think I would buy them again.

They have a slight sheen to them without being too over the top.

Not a bad buy, but for me there are better.

have you tried out the BeautyUk Blushes?? Is it me???


Maria xxxxx


  1. Ive never tried them but they do like nice. I have trouble finding suitable blushes to match my freckles so cheaper ones are better alternatives for me. Lovely shades you picked up hun :)


  2. I really wanted Royal Rose but when I swatched it the pigmentation wasn't great so I didn't bother :/ xx


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