Sunday, 24 July 2011

Urban Decay primer potion and Mac Vintage Selection..........

Until recently i hadn't really used eye primers, it was something i hadn't really had much success with them finding that my normally crease free shadow suddenly became creased and messy looking.

It wasn't until i got my Naked palette and tried out the original primer potion that i realised what all the hype was about. All of a sudden i had long lasting, crease free shadow with best pigment i had ever seen.
I finally understood.

I bought the Primer Potion in Sin ( its always been one of my fav Urban decay colours). Not long after i heard some of the YouTube beauty Gurus talking about Mac Paint Pots. This was when the Champale Collection was out, so i investigated and picked up the pretty Ltd Vintage selection.

For those of you who missed out on Vintage i thought i would do a comparison for you all :))
Here goes...

Here are the swatches to compare...

Sin on the left, Vintage selection on the right.
As you can see they are both beautiful champagne shades. The Sin perhaps a little less pink, but very very similar. When blended out you can not see any difference in my opinion.
They are both fantastic primers and hold colour well and a good intensity to colours.

Here you can see how they both give a true colour to the shadow.

Both are great primers, it all comes down to preference really.

Primer Potions (In the new tube packaging) are 11ml and cost £14.50
Paint pots are however 5ml and cost £13.50.
So the Urban Decay primers are better value for money in the long run.
The bonus of paint pots tho is they come in a wider range of colours.....

The decision really is personal.....
But if you missed out on Vintage selection, why not give Sin a go.....

Nite Peeps

Maria xxxxxx

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