Friday, 22 July 2011

OPI Nail Envy, my HERO nail product........

I wanted to tell you about my Hero nail product, OPI's Nail Envy.

This is my 3rd bottle of Nail the Original Nail Envy, and it really is my Hero nail product. I had always had ok ish nails but they were prone to breaking easily, splitting and were just OK no matter what i did to look after them.
I decided enough was enough and had Acrylic nails for a few months, i now had the long, strong nails i had always wanted. The downside was that i knew just how bad false nails can be for your natural nails.

It was then that i decided that i was going to try Nail Envy, i was sceptical, but thought it was worth a go....
So off came the Acrylics, i trimmed my nails down as they were so soft and weak, and here began my love affair.
Within just 4-5 weeks my nails were already feeling and looking better, all growing up at the same rate, i kept them short letting them get stronger.

These are the guidelines that Opi recommend for maximum results...

For maximum results apply two coats of Nail Envy to each nail.
  • After first application, apply one coat every other day.

  • After one week, use any OPI Polish Remover to remove all nail lacquer and Nail Envy.

  • Begin process all over again.

  • Nail Envy works best as a base coat in actual contact with the natural nail. It can also be used as a top coat over nail lacquer.

  • So this is what i did, I did start the process over more than once a week as i need to have neat unchipped nails for work, so repaint them 3 maybe 4 times a week. This was all about 3 years ago now, and I've not looked back. I have the long, strong, nourished nails I've wanted since i was a little girl, i can indulge in my polish obsession and enjoy all the colours of the rainbow.

    My mother in Law is also a convert after me going on and on about how amazing i thought the stuff was , and guess what, she agrees.... another convert.

    I'm going to start uploading Nail of the day, my first being tomorrow, so you will be able to see i am not exaggerating about the Nail Envy.

    OPI polishes and treatments are available from all quality salons and online.
    The official UK stockist is Lena Whites

    It is also available from QVC uk

    So if you are looking for a hero in your life, give Nail Envy a go, you will be hooked, i promise.

    Stay sparkly,

    Maria xxxxx

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