Friday, 22 July 2011

The Model Mirror........

Having broken my hand bag mirror a while back, i have been looking for a handy replacement.
Ive seen a couple of recommendations for the model mirror i decided to have a look for myself.

They are from a company called Les Tai Tai ( ill put the link further down).
The idea behind them is that you can touch up your makeup, whenever, wherever you may wish. This is because of the handy lights around the mirror itself....

As you can see from the top picture, the Model Mirror folds up neatly and comes with a small velveteen pouch to make for easy handbag/purse storage.
One of the sides is magnified and the other a normal mirror. The lights around the top mirror can be turned on/off by simply pressing the button on the hinge.

They cost between £19.00 and £22.00 depending on the pattern you like.

I am so pleased with my mirror that i have bought my friend one for her birthday tomorrow, i think thay are fantastic. I hope to buy myself another very soon as they come in a fab range of patterns. The one i have chosen for my friend is gorgeous too.

A fab product!!!!

The link to the site is.....

Id love to know what you think of the fab little mirrors!!!

Maria xxxxxx

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